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Property Manager Kisumu: 5 Top Skills your property Manager should possess

When you are looking for a property manager Kisumu to manage your property, there are some key things look for. One of the things your property manager should demonstrate is the ability to manage your property. Some people also look at a property manager with the ability to handle the money expected to come from the property. To look at the competence of a property manager in the right way, you need to be keen on specific skills which will give you an assurance that a property management Kisumu company will be able to handle your property.

These skills include;

  1. Strong communication skills.

This is not just important in the company explaining to you how it operates but also the company becomes your eye when dealing with other interest groups including tenants. A company with poor communication skills will frustrate you with information. They will not reply to your messages on time or communicates effectively with other parties like tenants as well as other service providers. Some of the people whom you expect your property manager to communicate with include tenants, property owners, real estate agents, contractors and others.

Good communication will ensure systems flow without any challenge. To identify whether a company has good communication skills begins with the personnel mandated to address you when you reach out to them, how they structure their workflow and how they communicate to property owners.

2) Responsive Customer Service.

A property manager must have a system of managing questions which emanate from tenants and finding solutions to their concerns. A tenant should not be raising the same issues over and over again without finding the tenants a form of a solution. Whenever the tenants’ raises an issue, the property manager should link up with the property owner and see how best the issue can be solved.

The property owner should always be available to respond to tenants’ emails and text messages giving a possible way of solving the issue.

3) Organization

A good property management company should be highly organized. The organization can be seen right from the content in their management contract, the information they cover and seek for, the points they cover in the tenant agreement, how issues are handled and communicated and how tasks are solved. The organization covers the entire process of property management. You want to know as a property manager how a company will handle difficult tenants, defaulters, where tenant goes to court, repairs, vacancies, property owners as well as other interest groups.

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4) Property Manager Kisumu– Marketing

If you don’t know marketing, how will you attract tenants as a property manager? This is a beginning point for property Management Company. You need to know some basics of marketing adequate to attract tenants to fill vacancies. You need your property manager to be able to develop methods of attracting tenants whenever there is a vacancy. You can ask for ideas property manager uses to attract tenants and from there you will know their level of knowledge of marketing.

Since there are competing properties in any neighborhood, marketing should be a key skill for any good property manager. It will also help a property management Kisumu company to capture good and more property hence helping them operate above breakeven point. Any company operating before breakeven point is likely to put at risks the rent collected from a property.

5) Budget management

A good property management Kisumu company should be skilled in budgeting and being able to operate with their budget. This will help in ensuring that at no given time should the company runs out of a budget and gets into a deficit position. This is a big challenge for some management companies. A good company should work strictly with a budget and the budget must be realistic and achievable.

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