We are offering Property Management Homabay service for both commercial and residential properties. Do you have experience of being frustrated by tenants who are not faithful in paying rent or simply don’t want to pay rent? Do you know someone in any of the sub counties on Homabay like Oyugis, Nyakwere, Kendubay, Homaday town, Rodi, etc who is going through frustrations from tenants? We are here to help you and them.

Property Management

West Kenya Real Estate is a property management company with unique abilities. We are able to take over management of a property and work out a mechanism of retaining the existing tenants and having them honor their arrears and also running rental obligations. Don’t go round looking for property management companies Homabay, we are here to offer you that service.
We have a dedicated team that handle commercial property management Homabay as well as residential property management Homabay needs. Our team members are spread all over in Homabay from Kendubay to Oyugis, Kendubay to Ndhiwa, Ndhiwa to Rangwe, Mbita, Homabay town and so on. Think real estate management Homabay, think West Kenya Real Estate.
We also offer cleaning services and waste collection and disposal service through a sister company. When you engage us as you property management Homabay provider, we are able to help you save your energy which otherwise would have been used to secure these services.
Do you have apartment anywhere in Homabay County and its not performing? Rental income is not coming as expected or you are in need of tenants? Think West Kenya Real Estate.

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