What you need to know about Land in Kisumu

Many people have purchased land in Kisumu and invested heavily and now getting dividends from their investment. A few others may have attempted to buy land in Kisumu and ended up in the corridors of our courts trying to recover their money. What is it that an investor should know about land in Kisumu?

land in kisumuLand in Kisumu face the same challenge you will find in other markets, that’s people trying to fake ownership of land while others trying to grab others lands.. There are also conmen and con women out in the market trying to see how to con naïve investors and the public alike. You got to be careful when seeking to buy land in Kisumu just the same manner you would be careful if you want to buy land in Nairobi or Nakuru.

The starting point if you want to buy land in Kisumu is to know the process you will use to do due diligence on the land in Kisumu you want to buy. Any one in Kisumu real estate market should be able to tell you the process if you are not sure. The best process for you is to have a lawyer who will do due diligence on your behalf and set you free to buy a property. There are people in the field who will just waste your time by connecting you to properties with no idea of their ownership. You need to work with a real estate agency firm who conduct some background check on the properties they avail in the market. That will help you to pass to your lawyer just to confirm their findings.

One thing you need to know about land in Kisumu is that you will find large parcels of lands in the hands of Asian communities in Kisumu. Such lands are likely to be over-priced. There are likely to be leasehold lands. You can also get freehold lands, not large parcels though, from the locals and such are likely to be fairly priced. The only challenge if you want large parcel, then you are likely to deal with several vendors which means that in the end, you will merge several parcels to achieve the desired target.

The other thing you need to know about land in Kisumu is that the lands are getting filled up, so people are moving out to the neighboring estate to set up establishments. In fact, many institutions go up to 10km away from the central business district to set up the office premises and offices there. This is an opportunity for anyone looking to invest in lands in Kisumu. Kisumu real estate market is expanding and you can move in and set up investments that will earn you money for years to come.

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