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When Is Right Time To Invest In Kisumu Real Estate Market?

Some may wonder why I am asking this question. One investor asked me this question on facebook, so I thought it well to do an article on this topic. It’s important to understand the market you operate in and see how you can invest at the best possible price. As an investor, Kisumu real estate offers an opportunity to put money in real estate investment and look forward to a bumper return.


What exactly does this question address?

Kisumu real estate market is a market place where one can invest in lands and properties. However, what this article addresses is when should you invest in Kisumu real estate market? In other words, when should you buy a property in this region? Before I attempt to answer this question, I want to ask a question which should be the reverse of this question, when is the right time to exit Kisumu real estate market, by selling off your investment?

kisumu real estateThere are several indicators which should trigger you to invest in Kisumu real estate market. Some of these factors are internal while others external.

Internal factors

  1. Investment by county government

A decision by county government of Kisumu to carry out a project may create a demand for investment in a certain area. For example, the county government of Kisumu once talked of a plan to construct a stadium in Chiga. Much as am not sure where the story ended, that news created huge demand for land in Chiga because of possible developmental needs that will arise as a result of the stadium being constructed there.

The same factor can cause some to exit the market, even if it’s temporarily. You can exit the market by selling your investment off because of an opportunity like this stadium project.

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  1. Increased population

Increased population can lead to increased demand for more housing units. This can drive rental income up and will cause more people to want to develop units. As population grows, you can even do a simple survey in an area and see if the population is stretching the housing units available. This will help you decide to join the market.

You can also look at the trend in the population. Where are people moving to and why? This will give you idea of where you need to invest.


External factors

  1. Upcoming events

Events can drive projects. If an international event is coming to a place, there will be demand for more facilities there. A road construction can also create appetite for investment in an area. What do you think the standard gauge railways (SGR) will bring to an area if it passes there?

A possible outcome of a national election can create opportunity for investment. For example, after the 2007/2008 post election violence, non-locals decided to reduce their investments in regions considered hostile to certain ethnic groups. These created opportunities to those considered locals to invest in the investments which were being disposed.

Looking at the question, when is the right time to invest in Kisumu real estate Market, one this which comes out is that the time for investing in Kisumu real estate market can be anytime and no one in particular? This is very important to know as an investor. There will always be opportunity for you to invest. The driving factors will be different but they will create opportunities nevertheless.

So think of where you want to invest and see the driving factors there. There are plots for sale Kisumu you can invest in or large tracks of land. It’s up to you to decide depending on your plans and funding.

0.03ha land for sale Awasi

50×40 (0.02ha) 8 Plots for sale Rabuor Ksh.95,000

1/2 acre land for sale Rabuor near Okago Primary School

1/4 acre land for sale Kisumu, Angola in Molem

50×80(0.04ha) 6 Plots for sale Kisumu, Angola in Molem

50×40(0.02ha) plot for sale Kisumu, Angola in Molem