Now Kisumu real estates gamble on development plan.

kisumu real estatesThe county government of Kisumu has now started endorsing several other ways of development within the Kisumu CBD, this is a stunt overseen to extend business working hours in the city. This move will as well boost the Kisumu real estates and also the dwindling hospitality industry in the region.

The current development indicates that the local authority has approved several building and construction plans which thereafter will result to building of both residential and commercial space within Kisumu city.

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As business owners, real estate developers and the residents of Kisumu city would prefer to live close to their business premises, the city authorities are also laying bets on development plans to gather more pace to attain a 24 hour economy in the precinct.

With the already established entertainment sector in Kisumu, the building and construction planners in Kisumu have realized that many people close up their businesses very early simply because they live very far from the city where their premises are located. The planners in Kisumu are advocating for a proposal to have both premises owners and user (tenants) to be licensed a mixed-use development document where all the users of premises within the CBD to be given permission to use the building in different ways.


This concept will allow the huge growing working class to work and live within such premises; this mixed-used development plan will have positive implications toward the establishment of a 24hour economy within Kisumu city. For example a building will have commercial floors on the lower levels while the residential will take the upper levels. The commercial levels can accommodate shops, bars, parking lots and restaurants. So far Milimani estate is the only estate in Kisumu real estates that has most mixed-use development plans approved.

Kisumu real estates expert says that other areas in the peripheries of Kisumu city will however remain strictly residential mainly to ensure controlled development.

The emergence and sprouting of modernized bungalows, maisonettes, town houses, apartment etc in areas like Riat, Lolwe, Migosi, Polyview etc are signs that Kisumu real estates industry is developing and also undergoing a rebuilt in awake to Kisumu city a business friendly environment for the investors.

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