Land for sale Homabay going at reasonable prices

Homabay County is a very big county situated in the Southern part of Nyanza Province. It is the largest county in the entire Nyanza with the population of over 900,000, going by the 2009 census. The most interesting thing about this county is the fact that the larger percentage of the people reside in the urban centers.

land for sale in homabay
Homa Bay County

Now, it is of much importance to note that Homabay County has vast pieces of land. This is for the reason that many of its residents reside in the urban centers, leaving lots of pieces of land in the rural areas fallow.

This piece of land for sale Homabay apparently go at fair prices. This is basically for no any other reason better than the fact that they are freehold. Freehold simply means that when you buy it, you own it for as long as you live. You are the one who is issued with the absolute title deed. With this kind of land for sale Homabay, there are no land rates to be paid. This makes them very affordable such that any person can get them at negotiable prices.

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Any serious business person wouldn’t just sit and watch as other people are doing much they can. There are so many business opportunities that they can engage in. For example, Homabay being the home of Tourism sites such as Tom Mboya Museum, Ruma National Park and Simbi Nyaima among others, they can come up with ways which can really develop the sector of real estate.

Apart from Tourism, other major economic activities, or rather the sectors that are doing so well in Homabay include Fishing and Agriculture. These, are the major sectors that has led to the growth of Homabay County. With this, serious business persons would not just sit but would rise up and negotiate for this land for sale Homabay, in order to put up business premises for the same.

As mentioned, Homabay County has a number of towns namely Mbita, Homabay town, Kindubay town, Oyugis, Sori and Ndhiwa town. In these towns there stand high opportunities for investments. Such include;

  • Hotel investment– Homabay being very rich in Tourism and Fishing as it is has high opportunities for hotel investment. Lots of tourists coming in every other time should not find that there are no places for taking their meals.
  • Commercial buildings– being a county and with a number of towns in it, Homabay has lots of commercial activities going on in it. Examples are such as the financial institutions therein and learning institutions among others. This calls for a lot of buildings in order to accommodate these businesses.

This then gives you a reason to consider acquiring land for sale Homabay which, as has been mentioned more than once, is very pocket friendly.

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