land for sale in homabay
land for sale homa bay
Homa Bay

Whenever you want a land for sale Homa bay, think West Kenya Real Estate. We cover the whole of Homa Bay County starting from Kadongo, Ringa, Othoro, Oyugis, Kendu Bay, Homa Bay, Rodi, Mbita as well as Ndhiwa areas, all parcels of lands in those areas are under the radar of West Kenya Real Estate.

Our personnel will get you land for sale Homa bay in any location and for whatever size you want. Whether you want land for beach development or just commercial ventures like office premise or residential, we are available to help you out. We search, conduct due diligence and negotiate land for sale in Homa bay for all our customers and where the land have issues, we de-list it immediately from our online portal. Before any of our customers enter into any deal, our legal department weigh in and assess any risk factor and advice independently from the advice of the customer legal person.

Contact us today for any land for sale Homa Bay need. We are waiting for your call today.

Provide the following details.

  • State the location you want land/property in or the location of the land you want to dispose
  • State the type of ownership whether freehold or leasehold
  • The size of the land in terms of Acres
  • Type of transfer; direct, sub-division, succession or succession and sub-division
  • The price range
  • Single ownership or joint ownership
  • Individual or corporate ownership

42 Thoughts to “Land for Sale Homa Bay”


    Need to know the price of a 50by100 land in kadongo

    1. It depends but Ksh300,000 should be enough.


    How much is 1acre of land in kadongo area?

    1. It depends on various factors like location, nature of title, developments on the land, etc but generally Ksh800,000 should get you an acre.



      1. Joel

        How much is a 100×100 land in karabok, oyugis kosele area.

        1. It varies but you can get 100,000-200,000.

  4. Mercy

    I need 5 acres around Rodi rangwe area for individual homestead how much is the cost?.
    Kindly respond

  5. John

    Hi, I need land in Oyugis area for agricultural production. Kindly inform me as soon as possible when one is available. Thanks

    1. Emaill us your number we call you.

    2. Martin

      I need apiece of land,100×100 in kendu bay much is the price range?

  6. Rose

    Please how much is 100 by 100 in kendu bay town for building rentals?

    1. It varies with location but ranges between300-900k

  7. Ben

    Am selling 2acres of land Ready title. It’s along Sino sda -Kombaka road..fenced barbed wire with over 1500eucalyptus trees 7years old OYUGIS

    1. Antone

      I need 70×100 in oyugis town any leads

    2. Luca

      How much are you selling the 2 acres?

    3. VICTOR

      Looking for a piece of land in kabondo for setting up a home. Kindly assist

  8. Antone

    I need sixty by 100 in oyugis town, residential land. How much?

  9. Charles

    I need 02 acres of land around Alaro Primary school, please send me your quote

  10. Charles Ayieko

    I need 100 by 100 in Homabay along Kendu-homabay road

    1. Email us your number no we discuss.

  11. Moses

    I need 1 ha or 2 ha around rangwe, asumbi, nyandiwa or randung areas

      1. Tony

        I also need land around the same area rangwe, asumbi, Rodi area. I need more of a rural land not at the center for residential home
        Kindly share the ones you have and the prices

  12. Tonigher Siage

    I need a half an acre along oyugis to kiwiro

  13. Lichi


    I need an eighth or quarter of an acre in Oyugis, preferably in the neighborhood of Masogo, for flats development.

    Any lead?

  14. Luca

    How much are you selling the 2 acres?

    1. Hello, check your email.

    2. Samson Juma

      I need a 50*100 plot in Othoro may I know the price plz

  15. […] then gives you a reason to consider acquiring land for sale Homabay which, as has been mentioned more than once, is very pocket […]

  16. Samson Otieno

    Hi I need 2 to three acres for homestead around rodi, rangwe and surrounding areas.

  17. Charles

    I need 50×100 around KAdongo in Kabondo. Give me the price.

  18. Victor

    Looking for 50×100 in homa bay town

  19. Susan

    i need 1/2 an acre or 100×100 plot in mfangano or rusinga island.

  20. darius

    I am looking for one acre of land near Asumbi High School.

  21. Kisera

    Need 2-10 acres rodi-rangwe rd or along kendubay-oyugis rd

  22. Maurice Koduk

    I need a piece of land apprx 0.04 H at Kanyada area. How much will it cost?

  23. Michael

    What is the cost of one acre in ndhiwa town

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