Invest in land for sale in Kisumu County and get first hand experience of the benefits it comes with

Invest in land for sale in Kisumu County and get first hand experience of the benefits it comes with

Land for sale in Kisumu County presents a wide variety of investment opportunities owing to its strategic location and uniqueness. This is the area that is home to the one and only Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the world after Lake Superior in the United States.

Lake Victoria alone, presents a wide range of tourist activities such as boat racing competitions which are organized annually. Other activities conducted within this magnificent lake include fishing as a leisure activity, camping and boat riding. These activities lure various tourists from all walks of life who want to get a taste of what the legendary Lake Victoria has to offer.

Other tourist attraction sites in land for sale in Kisumu County include Ndere Island, Impala Park, Kisumu Museum, Kit Mikayi and many other sites. All these sites help to attract both local and foreign tourists to Kisumu County. With this comes a whole lot of investment opportunities like within the hospitality sector and in the hotel business. This is because tourists usually camp in an area for a long period of time hence the need for accommodation facilities. Foreign tourists bring in lots of money in foreign currency which is in turn used by the County government to further develop the town and in turn make it more attractive to investors.

Apart from being a major tourist attraction center in the County, Lake Victoria is also a center where fishing is practiced as a major economic activity. The fishing industry in Kisumu County is worth billions of shillings and any investor would be wise enough to try out this booming sector of the lakeside economy. Fishing is one of the major economic activities in Kisumu with majority of the locals preferring fish as a local delicacy. Most fish produce is exported abroad in exchange for foreign currency. This therefore translates to an already existent and readily available market for fish products.

Fishing also happens to be an easy venture in terms of the amount of capital required to start this business because the labor is readily available at cheaper rates. The fishermen within the lake charge a reasonable amount for their services. Transport facilities especially to the neighboring Countries like Uganda and Tanzania are available on water transport.

Farming and other agricultural activities also do quite well in land for sale in Kisumu County given the favorable weather and climatic conditions. Majority of lands in the County are suitable for large scale farming and cattle keeping. Sugarcane farming is one of the vibrant large scale farming that Kisumu County is well known for. Being the home of Kibos Sugar factory, located in the Kibos region, it is only natural that sugarcane farming is practiced in this area because of the availability of readily available market (In Kibos Sugar Factory). An investor is also capable of saving on the transportation costs because the market place is quite near.

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