How to effectively move houses in Kisumu real estates

How to effectively move houses in Kisumu real estates

As it is, moving from one house to another is usually not a very pleasant experience. There are too many hurdles and nitty gritty’s involved in this process making most people to detect the moving out process. It is the same all over Kenya and Kisumu real estates is no exception.

Looking for a suitable house has become an uphill task with the availability of suitable houses quite lower in comparison to the demand for the same. The number of residents of Kisumu outnumbers the available modern and affordable housing facilities by a large margin.

Most landlords tend to increase the rent when one tenant moves out and another one is moving in, without even dong the necessary repairs that may warrant such an increment. Therefore while moving into a new house in Kisumu real estates; individuals usually have to bear the pinch of digging deeper into their pockets.

In order to maneuver your way into this tricky situation of moving houses, you need to follow the tips and procedures highlighted below for an efficient movement;

First and foremost, find an authentic agent to take you through the house search process. Explain to him critically the kind of house you are looking for and the preferable location. The agent should be an authentic and trustworthy person so that you don’t fall into the traps of con agents.

It is equally essential to get armed with tenancy agreements to ensure that you are well equipped with your rights and boundaries as a tenant. This will help you to know the amount of deposit that you are supposed to pay. You should also know the circumstances under which the landlord can increase rent and after what duration or period. Being knowledgeable will help you a great deal to ensure that the landlord does not take advantage of you.

Once you’ve found a suitable house, make sure that if some appliances are broken, you notify the landlord and get him to fix them. This is because the burden will fall squarely on your shoulder when you decide to move out. This is especially if you did not notify the landlord of the said damages. Usually these breakages should be taken care of by the previous tenant whereby if he fails to do so, his deposit money should be retained by the landlord for purposes of fixing any damages he did while living there.

When moving your items to your new found place, you should be vigilant enough to ensure that your items are not damaged as a result of mishandling by the people who are helping you to move. This requires that you play an active supervisory role and that you be present at all times during the transition period. Being present will also help you to avoid theft of your property in the process of moving places.

Finally, knowing that Kenya real estates sector has been invaded by conmen and imposters, you should ensure that you get a legal receipt for every transaction that you engage in. This will act as proof and is admissible in a court of law in case some scrupulous landlords and agents decide to take off with your money.

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