How much does it cost to build a 3 bedroom house in Kenya in 2024

Renting a house in Kenya has become quite expensive, especially for individuals in urban settlements. A Lot of people are therefore shifting from this paradigm of paying rent to build their own homes to save money and also get that sense of ownership. 

However, it is hard to find a house that is to your preference. Perhaps you have been wondering how to get a well-experienced construction company? How much does it cost to build a 3 bedroom house in Kenya? Well, the cost varies depending on several factors which include; where you are buying the materials from, the square area, quality of finishes, house features, location, soil type among other factors.

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Why is a 3 Bedroom house in Kenya so preferable?

Imagine all the interesting possibilities available if you choose a three-bedroom house in Kenya. A fancy house that is good for larger families and accommodates so many people without having unnecessary tension of space and demands. A place where you can freely interact with your loved ones without any hindrances. 

Generally speaking, a three-bedroom house in Kenya is not only cost-effective but is also designed to fit into a relatively smaller portion of land approximately 40feet by 60 feet. A typical three-bedroom house in Kenya is composed of a lounge, a dining area, a modern kitchen with a pantry, master bedroom ( en- suite bedroom), commonly shared toilet, and bathroom.

How to choose the best 3-bedroom house in Kenya?

Just like any other type of house in Kenya, a three-bedroom house in Kenya is available in a variety of architectural designs. These designs include cottages, maisonettes ranging from 100m2 plinth area to 1000m2 area depending on location and owner preference and budget, Bungalows, farmhouse, mini century modern, and many more others. 

What are the Advantages of building a three-bedroom house in Kenya?

A three-bedroom maisonette in Kenya is a relatively preferred model because of the following factors;

  1. Affordability and versatility. 

As outlined above building a three-bedroom house in Kenya is cost-effective. A three-bedroom house is affordable and quite versatile.

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2. It is usually simple to construct, save space and maintain because of its small and simple design.

A three-bedroom Maisonette house, for instance, has bedrooms within the small to medium size of 3m by 3m. Maisonettes in general save space since they prevent taking up ground-level footprint space by stacking up the construction on top of each other. 

3. It is environmentally friendly.

As mentioned earlier a three-bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate many people without any hindrance. 

4. Enough space in the bedrooms, living room, and also outside areas for everyone.

A three-bedroom house in Kenya accommodates so many people without having unnecessary tension of space and demands. Larger spaces encourage bonding with family members and make it more convenient to watch the kids. They can play or do homework while you engage in other activities but in the same room.

What is the cost of building a 3-bedroom house in rural Kenya?

It is worth noting that the total cost for building a 3-bedroom mansion in Kenya varies highly depending on whether you are to build in an urban area or rural area. The Cost of building a 3-bedroom house in a rural area is affordable simply because as Compared to urban areas, Life is relatively cheaper in rural areas. 

This is because in urban areas, due to the large population occupying that area there is a very stiff competition for labor and products hence making life more expensive. For instance, a 3-bedroom house in an urban area like Nairobi can cost up to Ksh3 m while in remote places the same house can cost approximately Ksh.2 million

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Simple cost breakdown of building a three-bedroom house in Kenya.

construction of any project in Kenya, including a three-bedroom house, has various stages and designs. Each stage and design, therefore, have different cost components. 

If you however want to build a 3-bedroom house in Kenya, here is an estimated breakdown cost of the materials used and total costs in general:

Cement 281 bags =200,000

Quarry stone= 90,000

Sand =122,000

Ballast =67,500

Foundation Stones =50,000

Hardcore 11,000

Gladiator =3200

BRC Mesh = 26,000

Timber and fascia =120,000

DPM = 9100

DPC =12500

Kitchen Boards and sinks =50,000

Wardrobe boards = 30,000

Roof material 80pcs =180,000

Machine cut stones 2800 stones =90,000

Tiles(30 by 30) 80 Boxes = 62,000

(60 by 60) 23 Boxes = 27,000

Bathroom tiles = 10,920

Gypsum 2,500/m² = 84,250

clipboard = 43,000

house Doors = 40,000, 

Windows =90,000

Coffee tray & ridge cap =20,000

Plain sheets= 60,000

Paints, primer & undercoat & brushes/rollers =80,000

Round poles = 6,000

Electric materials = 50,000

Wall pass 3 rolls = 9,000

All plumbing materials =60,000

Nails = 5,000

Y10 = 14,000, 

R6 = 6,000, 

Y12 9,500

Binding wire = 1,500

Labor and transportation 300,000

Extra monies = 40,000

TOTAL 2,080,000.

FAQs about building a 3-bedroom house in Kenya.

How many blocks will it take to build a simple three-bedroom house? 

The total number of blocks necessary to finish the construction is around 3000 blocks.

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What is the average size of a 3-bedroom house in Kenya?

The average size of a newly-built, three-bedroom house in a Kenyan urban set-up is between 90 to 120 square meters, compared to the minimum size of 150 square meters a decade ago. This means houses are now nearly 50 square meters smaller than they were about a decade ago.

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