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Houses for sale in Kisumu

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As a young child growing in the village I was taught about the basic needs in life. Back then it was just a learning experience without any attachment. Every time my teacher walked in, he would ask “what are the three basic needs?” and in unison we would chorus them as food, housing and clothing. Then it did not make any sense. However, today as an adult with family responsibilities, I have appreciated how basic these are. Housing as a unit of basic needs is what I want to concentrate on in relation to rising demand in houses for sale in Kisumu. I believe that if you are a tenant with unstable income, you know how basic housing is. There are times when the landlords become unfriendly and if money is scares as it is most of the time, tenants often feel the wrath of their landlords. The question I want to ask tenants is “for how long will you be subjected to the landlord’s harassment?”

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There are very many ways of answering this puzzle. One way if through buying your own house from the real estate agents of buying a plot and constructing your own. If you are a resident of Kisumu or if you are not but desire to have your own home, this article is the right one for you as we discuss some facts about houses for sale in Kisumu city. For those who may not know, there has been tremendous development in this town and because of that the demand for housing has been on the rise. Placed where five years ago a unit of a two bed room house would cost Ksh. 10,000 is currently costing more than double the amount? This is because the demand has gone up and tenants have to dig deeper to have a roof over their head.

And while tenant’s foot the bills, landlord’s lough all the way to the bank. Therefore, with houses for sale in Kisumu being on high demand, you can start the journey of acquiring your own unit today with good financial planning. Experts in the real estate in Kisumu will tell you that getting a house in any of the estates in Kisumu is the right investment you can ever dream of. Some of the estates you may want to get a unit from includes Kenya re: Lolwe, Migosi, Kanyakwar, Milimani, Polyview, Kanyamedha, Mamboleo and many other estates. Essentially there is greater value in buying a house in Kisumu. You can look around and what suits your taste and preferences before engaging the seller.

Finally, in your quest of buying a house, the main obstacle you are likely to meet along the way is identifying the right house. Whereas there are many houses for sale in Kisumu, it is important that every prospective buyer should do due diligence about the preferred house. There are some houses that are being disposed because their leasehold is almost expiring and the local authority has decline to renew the lease or some houses are standing on government land or road reserve. When you fail to get all the known and the unknown information about the house you like, the end result may be devastating. You may want to consider seeking expert’s views before signing any sale agreement.

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