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Houses for sale in Kisumu Kenya

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Kisumu being the third largest city in the republic of Kenya is full of many opportunities. Investors are now trooping into the lake region because of the abundance it offers. And like somebody once said, “The early the bird catches the worm,” you can be among the early people to take advantages of the many houses for sale in Kisumu Kenya today. This is a great opportunity for every individual who would want to bid his or her landlord bye. Having been through endless frustrations by landlords, I wouldn’t hesitate to take the lead in buying my own unit. If you are in agreement with me, then let me give you some insight about the places housing in Kisumu Kenya could be ideal.

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I know that everybody love to have good things. Having a house of your own is one of the many good things we would wish to have. And Kisumu being East Africa Community headquarter, becomes the ideal place to have your first house. Now if this interest you, you may want to know how and the spread or the geographical location of houses for sale in Kisumu Kenya are.Well there are several estates in Kisumu both new and old ones. Among the old ones include Milimani, Nyamasaria, Nyalenda, Migosi, Manayata, Lumumba, and many many more. But the new and upcoming include Lolwe, Mamboleo, Polyview, Riat, New Airport area, Kisian, Ogango and the list is endless. All these estates are well connected with good road network and are hardly twenty minutes’ drive from the CBD.


If you are looking to be a landlord or you just want a house to live in, these estates offers the best opportunity for you. And remember the cost will differ depending on the estate of choice. Some of these estates are very prime and may cause you to dig deep into your pocket to secure a unit in those areas. Like for instance an estate like Milimani where the Kisumu state lodge is will definitely be expensive. Therefore, as you develop interest in houses for sale in Kisumu Kenya, such are the factors to put into consideration.

But in all these, one very important thing to note, is that, nearly all the estates in Kisumu will in no time change into prime locations for anybody to own a house. This is evident with taking into consideration the speed with which the county is growing. The rate of development as it is now makes every estate very competitive and with great potential. In fact, what may appear to be in the rage of middle or low class will in just under three years be a serious prime location of great class. So it is important that if you want to make money in the real estate business, you could consider taking the earliest opportunity by securing any of the houses for sale in Kisumu Kenya irrespective of what people look as prime today.And just for the avoidance of doubt, this is not about gambling. What I have stated here are facts that any licensed government surveyor will confirm to you as true because of the market trends.


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