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Hot Places to buy land in Kisumu in Kisumu real estate Market

Are you looking for opportunity to put your money into real estate market and wait to ripe more than double in a matter of few months? This article is dedicated to showing you some of the places you can invest your money in and make double profit in a matter of few months. Does it sound real? Does sound like am making some form of a joke? land in mamboleoReal estate market is just like other markets. There are some key market drivers which will drive prices down or up. In Kisumu real estate market, there is no change, the factors have the same effect as in other market. Today, there are some estates in Kisumu where you can invest in land and your money is sure to double in a matter of just a few months. Lands in Kisumu are becoming scarce every day and people are causing demand to go up. A lot of people are moving in to buy parcels for speculative purposes. Others buy land in Kisumu with the view of developing the said parcel later on. Others also buy for family use, either for developing family home or for later division to the family members. As an investor looking for where you can earn more money, you need to have a look at these estates I want to mention, all are in Kisumu.

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This estate is favored because of its location. It’s a kilometer off the central business district and is good for many reasons. Those seeking to build a home for his or her family, it work well. Those who want to build rental properties still that works well. You can also love mamboleo because of the new bypass route under construction, which will run all the way from Londiani to Chemelil to Mamboleo junction. This road will move many vehicles going to western Kenya and even Kisumu to use it as it’s shorter and now will be a better route. This has caused demand for facilities around the bypass. Now more restaurants will be needed, more hotels and many others. The demand for land is going up in the region. At the moment the construction of the road is still kilometres away from mamboleo but when it reaches there, there will be need for land, more opportunities will be clearly visible and when you already have land, it will be time to make a move.


View land in Mamboleo

1/4 Acre land in Mamboleo @Ksh1.5M

1/2 Acre land in Mamboleo @Ksh2.5M

1 Acre land in Mamboleo @Ksh5M


Mamboleo plot for saleMaseno main issue is need for hostels. The number of homes converted to hostel is alarming and that is not sustainable. I am sure with time, then home will no longer be able to accommodate those students and then, there will be a crisis. The lands there are relatively priced but with this need in mind, you can do something great and then you partner with the institution so that they use your premise as a place to host students. There is more opportunities in Maseno than you can imagine. Don’t wait for more time, make your move now, it can save you some few hundreds of thousands of shillings.

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1/4 Acre land in Maseno @Ksh1.5M

1/2 Acre land in Maseno @Ksh2.3M

1 Acre land in Maseno @KSH4M


This is another place in Kisumu real estate market which is really developed. It has developed already but the demand is still high and more people continue to move in there. The county government is also encouraging development there and currently, several routes are scheduled for construction there. The access is good and town view is excellent. The place is nice for all purposes. I can tell you now, the more you wait, the more likely that you will buy at a higher price. You can secure land there, hold on and wait for some few months and the price will have gone up enough for you to earn a nice profit.

View land in Riat

1/2 Acre in Riat @ Ksh3M

1/4 Acre in Riat @Ksh1.8M

1/4 Acre Land in Mamboleo Ksh.1.5M


If there is any direction for expansion in Kisumu real estate market, then its nyamasaria. The place is vast with just native homes and small farms. Its one place which will continue to expand as many people are going back to build their homes as well as other businesses there. When you think of land in Kisumu, then nyamasaria should ring to your mind ahead of other places. The pricing of the lands here are also favorable compared to other destinations in Kisumu real estate.