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A look at lands in Kenya and its potential in investment

A look at lands in Kenya and its potential in investment

Kenya is a Country which lies within the equator. It consists of several geographical areas including the narrow coastal strip that is low lying, an inland region of bush covered plains (constitutes most of the Country’s land area), high lying scrublands like the Lake Turkana region, the highlands which contain fertile lands and forests and the great rift valley region, which is home to some of the highest mountains in the Country such as Mount Kenya. The rift valley region is one of the areas in lands in Kenya where farming does extremely well with a very huge production level witnessed annually.

Some of the major towns in Kenya include Nairobi, which is the capital, Mombasa which is considered the chief port, Kisumu, another port town, Nakuru, Eldoret and Machakos. The presence of ports in Mombasa and Kisumu facilitates for smooth trading activities between Kenya and her neighbors like Uganda and Tanzania and even other Countries from as far as Europe. This is because it makes the importation and exportation of goods among different Countries much easier. It also provides a platform for investors to carry out business activities more efficiently.

Kenya has been a member of the World Trade Organization since its inception in January 1995. This is the only international organization dealing with global rules of trade between nations with a key objective of ensuring that trade flows smoothly and freely among the member nations. This is a multi lateral trade system which makes Kenya stand out in the eyes of investors. In addition to this, Kenya has signed bilateral trade agreements with several Countries around the world (about 27) with more negotiations still on going with nine other Countries. This enables member Countries to enjoy certain benefits like market access and duty reduction thereby making trade more efficient and in turn attracting more investors. The member Countries of such organizations also play a symbiotic role to each other by supplying a given Country with goods that it doesn’t produce and also buying goods from the same Country which they, themselves don’t produce.

Infrastructure improvement has been another driving factor for increased investment in lands in Kenya. The construction of the Thika superhighway in Nairobi for instance is a leading link for investors for transportation of goods and services within the Country. Similarly, the renovation of the Kenya Airways, Kenya Railways and the Lamu port has further necessitated transport both within and outside the Country making Kenya an international transport center.

Investment Protection Guarantee which is embodied in the Kenyan Constitution guarantees protection of life and property. The Foreign Investment Protection Act guarantees against expropriation of private property by the government of the day. This is because Kenya is a signatory to and a member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), an affiliate of the World Bank which guarantees investors against loss due to political problems in the host Country.

With such policies in place, it is quite evident that it is very safe to put up any form of investment in lands in Kenya because your safety is guaranteed.

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