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A look at farming in agricultural land for sale Kisumu

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Kisumu town is well known for a vast variety of investment opportunities like commercial structures, fishing, rental property and surprisingly even agriculture. Major towns in Kenya are not known for engaging in agricultural activities as a form of investment. They are known for investments like commercial apartments, rental property and real estate activities in general. The packaging of Kisumu as a center for agriculture as well as a center for other investment opportunities such as the ones listed above sets it apart in terms of investment. Agricultural land for sale Kisumu adds to the already glamorous state of affairs in the lakeside region.

Incase you are having second thoughts on whether investing on agriculture in Kisumu would guarantee you a return on your investment, the existent statistics will immediately help you get rid of your fears. People who have tried farming in this town have registered nothing but success in whatever undertaking they set out to do.

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Kisumu region has highly fertile lands (about 1.6 million hectares of agricultural land) and variations in temperature and rainfall with two rainy seasons per year. This provides a suitable environment for a wide range of crops such as maize, sugarcane, rice, beans, cassava, and sorghum among many others.

Rice farming is practiced on a large scale basis in Kano plains under irrigation. This is made easier considering that the water for irrigation comes from River Nyando. The river, whose annual floods despite displacing several people, also helps to deposit a lot of fertile silt all across the plain. This silt is suitable for the growth of rice.


The northern and eastern parts of Kano are some of the places where Kenya’s most productive sugarcane fields are found. Kisumu also happens to be home to three of the leading sugar production firms in the Country i.e. Kibos, Chemelil and Mumias sugar companies.These three firms provide a big platform as the major consumers of sugarcane products thereby providing a very key segment of the market. It also makes farmers’ work much easier in terms of transportation because in most cases, the farms are usually located not far away from the production centers.

Most agricultural land for sale Kisumu come on a freehold tenure basis which is advantageous in that one can practice any form of agricultural activity he/she chooses to do. These freehold lands are mostly owned by private individuals who usually charge affordable rates when selling. In addition freehold lands are also available for a period of 99 years for those seeking to do a long term project. For short time farmers like those who may want to do a season or two of sugarcane, there are land owners in this region who lease out land for a short time, say like 4 years at a negotiable fee. This is cost friendly because it would be wasteful to buy land permanently for such a short time project. There are even chances that you will not get your initial capital back.

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