The daunting task of moving houses in Kisumu real estate

The daunting task of moving houses in Kisumu real estate

Moving from one house to another is always a dreadful experience for most people. This is because it has a draining effect and at the end of it all, it leaves one completely exhausted. Mind you, this is just the moving part alone. Before even moving there is usually the daunting task of looking for a house. With the demand housing quite much higher than supply, finding a decent house in Kisumu real estate has become almost elusive.

With most people resorting to leaving a house to someone they know when moving out of a house, this has only made it harder for people looking for houses to find a decent house. When you spot a vacant house, there are very high chances that it has been booked courtesy these mode of allocation.

On top of the rigorous process of looking for a house, there are high chances that you may be a victim of con agents who will show you a house that is already taken and may even get you to pay the rent together with the deposit. Thus you risk losing a lot of money in this tiresome venture as well.

Usually, these agents charge a fee for just showing you an empty house without a guarantee that you will like the house and even close the deal with the owner. So you can imagine the amount of money you will have parted with if you view like ten houses while still searching. The cost of transport while visiting these houses is also entirely on your account.

Once you’ve found a suitable house that you want to settle in, chances are that you will find a few appliances broken here and there and nowadays the majority of the landlords leave the task of house repair to the incoming tenant. This is despite the fact the previous tenant paid a deposit which is supposed to cater for these damages.

Sometimes you may be forced to settle for a house which is not convenient enough for you because there may not be too many available options. For instance, you may be forced to settle in an area that is too far from the main road or in an area that is too far from your place of work or where your children go to school. This translates to extra expenses in form of transport and proves to be quite inconvenient to an individual.

There is also the problem of some individuals posing as landlords or house owners so as to obtain money falsely from the usually desperate and unsuspecting victims. This makes people very cautious and wary while looking for a house in Kisumu real estate. Most people have reportedly lost huge sums of money to such people and more continue to lose money as they do not learn from other people’s mistakes. It is important to demand for a receipt before you make any payment so that you can have proof of payment.

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