Property Manager Kisumu: 9 Things to ask a Property manager

One of the things that you may have faced when giving out your property to a property manager Kisumu or generally a property manager anywhere is the difficulty of picking a good property manager for your property. There are so many property managers in the market, both good and bad one.

To help you identify a good property manager who understands his or her work, you need to use some of these questions we have listed below to identify a good one for your property. 

1. What type of properties have you managed?

You need to know which kind of properties a property manager is currently managing and if possible you go visit one of those properties. A property manager can tell you of a property he/she is managing but cannot even walk you to the said property.

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The way they respond to this question will help you see the confidence about the properties they manage. It’s also possible to have a good property management company that is new in the market. That does not mean they can’t do a good job, you need to understand the experience of the individual members of the company, training and core values driving their business. A company can be a new player but with the right vibe and commitment to do a good job.

2. How do you screen potential tenants?

A property management company should be able to explain how they identify a good tenant able to pay or not. The manner they explain their screening process should be a good method to help you gain confidence in them or lack. A good real estate management company should have a screening procedure that they subject their tenant or possible tenants to so that the tenants they bring on board are people willing and able to pay.

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No landlord or lady would want to end up in court with litigation. Proper screening solves such challenges of the tenant not paying and becoming difficult to remove from a unit and even recover the money from the tenant of unpaid rents.

3. How do you handle late payments by tenants?

This is another key area in which a property management company should be able to explain clearly. You can find tenants but managing such tenants can be a challenging thing. A property management company should explain how they will manage late payments and even how they treat tenants not able to pay the arrears.

The steps the property management company can take whenever one tenant defaults on paying rent should be made clear. As a property owner, you don’t want actions which can prove costly to both the property manager as well as you as the property owner.

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4. How do you respond to complaints?

A complaint may arise between the property owner or landlord and the tenant. The position of the property owner is more of a mediator who seeks to bring the two parties to some form of understanding as much as possible. Much as the owner of the job is the property owner, there will be no work if there is no tenant to occupy the property hence the need for a property manager to be more of a link person or mediator in case of a dispute.

5. How often do you do inspections?

Many property owners want to hear that an estate manager will be visiting the property periodically to assess the situation of the property to ensure no destruction is taking place. A good property manager should schedule visits to the property at least once a month to ensure that everything is in good shape and going on well. You don’t want to give an estate management company job if they will not visit the property and that risking the property being damaged by tenants.

6. Property Manager Kisumu: What’s the right rental price for my property?

A potential property manager should give you a feel of rental prices in a particular location. This should give you the confidence that you are dealing with people who understand the market well. Good knowledge of the market will make you get useful advice from the property owner, something which can help you not incur losses.

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7. What are the things I can do to improve my listing?

This will give you a feel whether you can work with a property management company or not. A good real estate management company should have a list of places they publish listings to reach as many people as people. This will give you the confidence that your property will get more audience and tenants will not be difficult to find. If they are limited in options, you should be worried because you don’t make any money if the property is vacant.

8. Property Manager Kisumu: What are the full costs and fees for managing my property?

The cost of management should be made in simple language and mathematics. If the rate is 8%, it’s so. There should not be hidden costs which only later shows up. Ask the property manager to explain all costs associated with their services. The more complex their costing is the more chances that you will pay more for their services.

As property manager Kisumu, we have a simple system that enables you to establish the cost of management without doubt.

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9. What can you do those others can’t?

This is a very interesting question which is also difficult to answer for a real estate manager. A real estate manager should be able to express what they can do better or offer which others don’t offer. For example, some property companies offer to pay landlord rent and then recover from the rent. Every month, they pay the landlord or landladies by 4th or 5th and then recover the money from the tenants.

With many property management companies in the market, these points will be very important in helping you identify a good property management company. As a property management company in Kisumu, we are more than equipped to be your property manager in Kisumu, a Property manager in Mbale, a Property manager in Chavakali, Property Manager in Kakamega, a Property manager in Bungoma as well as a Property manager in Homa Bay and Siaya. We are all over in the region to be your property manager of choice.

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