What you need to consider when you want to invest in Kisumu Real Estate

Investing in Kisumu real estate is a very viable investment to consider. There are several places you can invest in real estate but there are some few things about Kisumu real estate which makes Kisumu real estate special. There are probably five or more reasons why you should think and consider Kisumu real estate investment.

The first thing to think about is the possible estates in Kisumu to invest in. There are several estates in Kisumu real estate and each has some unique characteristics.

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Lolwe Real Estate

jansLolwe real estate is ideal place for someone looking to invest in residential rental properties and get occupants right away. It’s an estate where property development is the order of the day. Many people move in, acquire property and begin development and secure tenants before the properties are fully developed.

The nature of the tenants in this estate is largely working class and up there in management ladder. This can be attested to by the manner in which units are booked in advance even though the rentals rates are very high and also the number of personal cars characterizing Lolwe real estate.

The lands in Lolwe Real Estate are leasehold with Lolwe SACCO being a key player as it’s the entity that originally acquire the lease ownership from the Kisumu municipal council.

Who do get a land in Lolwe Real estate?

When you want to construct a building in Lolwe real estate, you need to get land and then move on from there. The process is easier when you get a reliable partner institution to help you acquire the land. West Kenya Real Estate is a premier real estate marketing agency which handles promotion and sell of lands. We do background search on all properties we place for sale online. That means that when we list a property like land or building in Lolwe real estate, then it means such property is clean and has available supporting documentation. We will help you invest wisely and put off any chance of dealing in non-existing property or properties.

Lowe is situated along Kisumu to Kakamega just kilometers from Kisumu CBD area. It came off Migosi estate and boarder Kenya-re Estate. The estate is habited by mainly corporate employees and businessmen.

To get land in Lolwe real estate, you need to think of West Kenya Real Estate. We will help you do background search on properties, give you list of verified properties and help you get a good deal. The nature of many real estate agents is to push for sale on many transactions without due diligent. For us, we want to offer you real value by ensuring that you invest in a good property. Kindly contact us for more details.

Tomorrow, I will talk about Kenya-Re Real Estate.