Kisumu Real Estate: Manyatta Real Estate

Many people when they hear the word Manyatta Kisumu, they think of a slam dwelling place. There is more you can find in Manyatta than just thinking of it as a slam. Manyatta as an estate in Kisumu enjoys a wide area of coverage, some having the characteristic of a slam while other areas are much better off and do not have the features of a slam. Like the area situated along the Kibos road from Kondele all the way to carwash cannot be compared to say Baraka area of the same estate.
That said and done, what are the opportunities in Manyatta real estate? Manyatta is one estate with massive opportunities which perhaps do not exist in other estates. There are many houses developed using muddy soil which are going at a throw away prices. You can buy such houses, bring them down and develop ultra-modern apartment there. This is one such opportunity. You will find someone selling a plot with a small structure on it for a low price.
logoThere other opportunity in Manyatta real estate is that there are many plots which are still held by the first families who got the lands during the first allotment by the government of Kenya. This is important is the sense that the lands therefore are not priced high because not transfer has taken place. When a land is bought and sold several times, it becomes expensive, yet when the same land remains in the hand of the same person for a long period of time, it will be priced relatively lower compared to if it had changed hands several times.
There is the road bypass from Nyamasaria all the way to kondele and beyond. This is like a face lift to Manyatta. The businesses along the bypass have received a new lease of life and that opens another opportunity. You can move in and construct a very nice real estate property along the bypass and cash in on the opportunity. All these opportunities are all available for anyone looking forward to invest in Manyatta real estate Kisumu.

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