How August 2022 elections will impact the Real estate market in Wajir.

Wajir County, perceived as one of the Azimio strongholds according to the latest Infotrak polls is expected to benefit immensely if the coalition wins the anticipated August polls. How will this affect the real estate market in Wajir? What about a win by the Kenya Kwanza team led by Deputy President William Samoei Ruto on the influence of the real estate market in the area? In this article, we want to dig into the possible impact on the real estate market in Wajir with the possible outcome of the polls.

Facts about Wajir

Wajir is a County in the former North Eastern region is located in a very dry region. The county is sparsely populated. As Wajir Town’s centrality to all major towns in the region made it a convenient place for colonial officials to establish their headquarters, British authorities officially established this town in 1912. Wajir is known for the rich taste of goat meat cut from goats that graze in the large grasslands. The current Governor for Wajir is Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

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Places to visit in Wajir

Wajir hosts some of Northern’s Kenya key attractions such as:

  • Wajir Museum
  • Wagalla Massacre Site
  • British and Italian War Bunkers
  • Old Court House
  • Yahut Dam

The above attraction sites have been a major boost to the hotel sector in the county. Better roads lead to the various attraction sites despite the county being one of the marginalized counties in Kenya.

Wajir Town

As stated earlier, Wajir Town is strategically located in the region making it an important economic hub. Wajir town has been faced with many cases of insecurity that have scared investors from investing in the real estate market. This has really had a negative impact on the real estate market in Wajir town. While speaking in Wajir during one of his campaign rallies, Azimio la Umoja flag bearer Raila Amolo Odinga promised residents of the region that security matters in the town will be greatly improved within 100 days of his administration once elected in the August 2022 polls. Improved security is also aimed at ensuring a conducive environment that will positively impact the real estate market in Wajir County.

Raila Odinga also promised to improve infrastructure in the town and its environs. During a rally in Wajir town, Raila Odinga promised that he would prioritize the completion of the Isiolo-Modogashu-Wajir-Mandera highway. Local politicians drummed up support for him by describing him as a defender of the marginalized.

On the other hand, while in the same region, Deputy President William Ruto urged Kenyans to support the Kenya Kwanza Alliance movement. He said that his government will focus on the development of the country’s economy and that it will empower common citizens so they can be sure they have money in their pockets. According to his sentiments, a large pool of money at the lower level will provide huge tax for the government to provide good infrastructure and establish industries in the areas that will in turn attract potential investors.

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Estates in Wajir

Scattered residential developments are established all over the sub-counties of Wajir namely Wajir East, Wajir West, Wajir South, and Wajir North, as well as Buna and Tarbaj which are all within the cattle market routes for regional stock and livestock marketing.

Complex residential homes are very few with most dwellings mainly traditional depicting the native Borana culture.

Wajir’s real estate market

Wajir Town, the headquarters of Wajir County, has seen a boom in the construction sector in recent years as investors have put up residential and commercial buildings. The boom is partly attributable to the county government’s decision to provide office space and other amenities which has greatly influenced the real estate market in Wajir. But it is the completion of the town’s first 28-kilometer tarmac road by the county government that has attracted people to this dusty town.

Hotels in Wajir

Some of the hotels that have slightly shaped the real estate market in Wajir include:

  • Wajir Palace Hotel
  • Wajir County Guest House
  • The Aaran Hotel
  • Wajir Guest House

Roads in Wajir

Through devolution, some of the roads that remained incomplete for many years have been improved. The Garissa-Nuno-Mogodashe road is among the major roads that have revamped the economy of the region.

Both leading political affiliations have pledged to commit themselves to improving and constructing more roads in the region which will improve the real estate market in Wajir.

The construction sector in Wajir

As stated before, devolution has greatly improved the construction sector in Wajir County. Construction activities have been on the rise in the recent past which is projected to even increase after the polls especially if Azimio takes power as their manifesto mainly dwells on improved infrastructure and security in the region.

The county government, private investors, and other organizations have set up ballast crushing plants to sustain the growing construction sector. The county has also set up four alternative building technologies (ABT) centers to produce interlocking bricks.


Despite marginalization for very many years, the county has the potential for faster economic growth that will improve the real estate sector in Wajir