3 issues facing building and construction in Kenya

 Building and construction in Kenya has been facing some challenges, further over the last 10 times. Challenges like abandoned or incomplete developments, collapsed structures, contractors abandoning work or government demolishing houses. These challenges are as a result of some issues in the sector which aren’t being address or which aren’t yet addressed duly.

 In this write up, we want to see some three issues facing building and construction in Kenya sector which has led to the consequences like incomplete developments, collapsed structures, and contractors abandoning work or government demolishing houses.

 1. Lack of acceptable level of financial investment

 Real estate section main issue is lack of acceptable backing for real estate systems. Whether the design is for a domestic or marketable design, in one way or another, you’ll find the backing is an issue. Funding structure and construction systems encyclopedically will face resource limitation. In our case, there are a many possible reasons why these limitations live.

 (a) Lack of acceptable finances to carry out a design

 Those undertaking real estate systems don’t pool enough coffers to do the systems they shoulder. This leads to frantic cost minimization measures which occasionally may intrude with the quality of the final product.

 (b) Limited backing by fiscal institutions

 Fiscal institutions like banks, micro finance associations as well as Sacco’s also offer strict backing criteria which makes it in utmost cases qualify maturity of the aspirants or reduces the quantum existent would qualify to apply.

 (c) High cost of borrowing

 The cost of borrowing in the country is a interference to numerous people who would want to adopt. The cost you dodge to secure backing plus over 15 periodic interest is a interference to numerous people. Some associations offer funding at a cost of 20 per annum and mortgage loans at an periodic rate of 18. This makes borrowing delicate coupled with the fact that the prepayment period is also 5 times and below for numerous fiscal institutions.

2. Unprofessional conduct by contractors and government agencies

 The other challenge is the conduct of some contractors and officers of government agencies dealing with blessing of construction systems. Some contractors who aren’t registered engage in practices which injure the character of other contractors or injure the sector.

 Some officers of government agencies also do not do their work leading to houses being erected in areas which shouldn’t have developments, approving systems with issues, failure to visit construction spots and insure adherence to the law is achieved and so numerous effects.

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 Inventors must take a deliberate step to insure they work with registered contractors and that due process of design blessing is followed still expensive and time consuming it may end up being.

3. The use of Sub-standard materials

 Construction materials aren’t having enough quality. To be suitable to achieve quality and durable design, you must be deliberate on the accoutrements you use.

 Some suppliers are supplying unacceptable materials at cheaper quantum to win contracts. You need to be careful not to be allured with low cost of accoutrements but also the quality and continuity. You as an inventor to work with your contractor nearly and insure you do not encourage cheap accoutrements on your design which aren’t durable.

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