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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Kisumu Real Estate Market In 2014

Kisumu Real Estate: How to Prepare Your Property and Attract a Buyer

Are you looking to sell your home in Kisumu real estate in 2014? The real estate market is a robust market and many people actively involves in buying and selling properties. The logic behind selling in any set up is to prepare your asset for sale. If it’s a cow, you want to feed it for several weeks just to get fat to attract more cash.

house for sale in milimani kisumuFor real estate property the concept is the same. You need to prepare your house for sale, so that potential buyers will not get excuses to price down your property. You clean the compound; you paint the property, conduct minor repairs and clean the property. You prepare the property to fetch the right price.

Kisumu Real Estate: So you’re Interested in Selling?

Whether you’ve already found your next place, or you’re just testing the waters, selling a home is a major financial and emotional undertaking. In this guide, we’ll show you how to prepare your home in order to make a quick sale at the best price.

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Important Factors for Buyers


Many people just imagine a price for their property and quote without any specific reason. Price is the bottom line, particularly for first-time buyers. Getting it right the $ first time will ensure a solid offer (or several) without scaring anyone away.    There is no reason why you should over quote your Kisumu real estate property and you will never get potential enquiries. Be wise and quote well. If you need help to quote, contact West Kenya Real Estate for help to quote your Kisumu real estate property appropriately.

2. Condition                  

Whether it’s replacing the roof or painting the walls, a little home improvement can go a long way. Many people tend to look down Kisumu real estate properties just because you did not do some minor improvement. Those minor improvements or repairs can also help you price your Kisumu real estate property really well.

3. Presentation

Use staging, photography, and a strategic marketing approach to find and attract the right buyers. You must put some effort to sell. West Kenya Real Estate will do the hard work for you. We take photos of your photos, produce leaflets, place your property on newspapers, magazine and email list. Many people get updated every time a new property is listed. So once you entrust West Kenya Real Estate with your property or property need in Kisumu and will do the rest for you.

4. Location

Neighborhood, schools, transportation, and other location-related factors are hugely important to buyers…but your house is where it is. While you can’t do much about location, you can perfect the rest of these attributes with the right know-how and a few small investments.

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