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Student hostels in Kisumu: Why Hostels are good places to stay

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Anyone joining a college or a university has a decision to make of where to stay. Many students rush for college hostels while others prefer privately managed hostels outside the university or college compound. Some students who are privileged to study near their homes return home after studies daily.
As a student or parent looking for a student hostel, you need to understand what hostels should offer. Generally, student hostels are good places for students to stay because of fairly good amenities offered, cheap accommodation, good foods and a generally great environment to accommodate yourself studying. As for one looking for accommodation, you need to know what to expect in a student hostel.

student hostels in Kisumu

Good student hostels or generally hostels for a private stay should offer the following benefits;
1) They are cheaper than hotels. If you were to stay in a hostel, you will pay a few hundreds of shillings per night compared to a basic hotel room. For example, a basic standard hotel room can cost you roughly Kenya shilling five thousand a night. A hostel will charge you less than Kenya shilling one thousand only for one night stay.
2) Many hostels have free access to the kitchen and laundry. For student hostels, the kitchen may be restricted but there is always a cook who prepares food for students and even laundry clothes at some little fees.
3) Most hostels are usually located closer public transportation. Students usually don’t go long distances before they are able to catch a public transportation means.
4) Hostel workers should also inform you of the area and all you need to know. This ensures you enjoy what the area provides and also avoid unnecessary risks.
5) Hostels should have clear rules and policies which guide people who stay in the hostels. This gives you the peace of mind that where you want to stay or secure for your child to stay is safe and secure. These policies should cover safety and security issues as well as cleanliness and hygiene.

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6) Offers accommodation to students even when the public or university hostels are closed. There are times where the university has closed down for whatever reasons and students are locked out of the hostels, private hostels become a save heaven for students before they choose to go home for some days or just study and wait for the college to open its doors.

There are could be many benefits to host yourself or child in a hostel, especially privately owned hostels. How do you find student hostels in Kisumu? Student hostels in Kakamega? West Kenya Real Estate is a premier real estate company that offers property management, real estate development, purchase and sale of land and building and property valuation services but also offers nice hostel accommodation in Kisumu and Kakamega. Currently, our hostels are able to accommodate over two hundred students.

student hostels in Kisumu
Student Hostels in Kisumu 

Are you looking for student hostels in Kisumu or student hostels in Kakamega? Visit our hostels in Kisumu and Kakamega page for more details including dates and how to reserve a hostel.

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