land for sale in homabay

Spacious piece of Land for sale in Homabay- you can’t miss this!

Are you in Southern part of Nyanza and looking for a piece of land which you can develop and get profit out of it? There is a land for sale in Homabay which is up for grabs at a very affordable price. It is a very spacious freehold land which is just next to the roads, meaning it is easily accessible as well.

land for sale in homabay
Homa Bay

Homabay is a place very conducive for businesses. Talking of businesses in Homabay, what actually do I mean? What I mean is simply that Homabay is a place with so many business opportunities. The first is the fact that a portion of Lake Victoria is found therein. With this, a serious business person can make a lot of money. One can build decent shops to-let for example, for business purposes. This will indeed help the fish mongers be able to sell their fish in decent places..

Secondly, Homabay County has a large number of occupants. It means therefore that there is need for more rental houses. As some people rent houses, some build their own. Whichever the case, land is involved, in fact a roomy land for that matter. This will be able to accommodate even those that are moving from the rural places to the urban places.

With the high population, again there is need for more schools, since the fear is that in the coming years, the already existing schools won’t be enough to accommodate all the pupils and students.

Another thing about Homabay that I had mentioned is that it houses a portion of Lake Victoria. Fishing happens to be the main economic activity for the people staying around the lake. Serious business people can hire such pieces of lands and build even a fish processing industry in Homabay. This can be as job opportunities for the locals as well as people from outside the county. Above all, it can help develop the entire county.

With the few examples I have mentioned above, I hope you are able to see the reason why you need not missing this land for sale in Homabay, as it can turn into so many things that you did not even think or imagine.

The land for sale in Homabay can also be used for cultivation. It has good soil that when taken care of well, can yield good produce. Some of the crops that do well in those areas are such as pineapple, tomatoes, groundnuts, green peas, beans, soya beans, millet, sorghum and finger millet. With good rainfall, a farmer can be sure to get good produce.

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