Have you seen people who have invested in Property market either through commercial properties or rental apartment and they are not happy with returns? Not happy not because there are no tenants but because of poor payment from tenants? You could be the one reading this article or you know a friend with such challenge. We are here to put those frustrations to an end.

West Kenya Real Estate is a premier property management company with several years of successful property management experience. Our clients have enjoyed a peaceful business relationship with us because of prompt payment that we collect and remit to their accounts in month. We focus on Kisumu, Homa bay, Siaya, Kakamega and Vihiga counties. If you are looking for an estate manager or property manager in Kisumu, Homa bay, Kakamega or vihiga counties, West Kenya Real Estate is the company to turn to.

We have our foot on the ground and that makes it easy for us to step into any situation including emergency issues and solve them. We maintain a healthy communication channel with our clients to ensure they have some peaceful moment but also keep them in the picture about their investment. When you have us as your property manager, we are able to do more than what a normal property manager is able to offer. For example, we do construction management. As your property management company, we are able to spare sometime and supervise some short term projects on your behalf.

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