You may wonder what some house designs look like and if they look presentable to build as homes. In this article, you will get to see pictures of Kenya houses both in the rural and urban. Briefly, rural houses are mainly earth houses, which is the dominant house design found in the rural areas.

This will be due to different factors like rural-urban migration which leaves the rural with the least development. The government will concentrate mostly on developing the urban, expanding them more than they develop the rural.


Apartments like any other building are a single division of a house from a whole building. The whole building is set purposefully for business; therefore, it must look attractive and have features that will make the tenants stay for long. Such features may include swimming pools, clubhouses, tennis, and basketball courts among other things which are usually shared among the tenants.


Above are some of the pictures of Kenya houses, particularly condominiums. Like apartments, condos are a single-unit house design that can be owned and not rented and are therefore treated as real estate. They share many characteristics with apartments like having facilities that are shared among the owners of the units.

Fabricated house

These are house designs that are made from the ravages of any residential shade. Its materials are usually transported to a factory and within a few hours, they are ready and are taken to the construction site for uniting the parts together. They can be used as homes, business premises like shops offices. You can still see more pictures of Kenya houses on various websites.

Mabati houses

These pictures of Kenya houses will help you see the cheapest and most affordable house designs that can suit the desired house for your family or business operation. They are built from Mabati, wood, and nails, and also has plastered floor with other many specifications if included.

Container house designs

This is an upcoming new design of a house that is being introduced to the country by architects. From pictures of Kenya houses, we find out that this house design can be used as a home, office, business unit, or any other thing that may suit your interest.

We still have many pictures of Kenya houses on the list, but you can visit us on our website for more than that. As you concentrate much on the picture think of the design is it worth a penny, think of the beauty and serenity can it serve the best.

For example, contemporary and villa house designs from the designs below are very luxurious and also cultural, the last villa house design has a grass thatched roof design which brings a cultural aspect.

The contemporary homes are well designed with the new technology which makes them a trending house design. This house design tends to adapt to the upcoming norms which are considered to be improvised from the old design of a house.


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