Land for sale Kenya: a good place to invest

Kenya is one country whose main source of revenue and development is investment. Apparently, one of the things which have promoted investment in Kenya is land. Influx of investors is a good indication that investors find it more friendly and safe to put their money in Kenya. This is one thing that has also been fully backed up by the government of Kenya.

Since time in memory, land ownership in Kenya has been a sign of wealth. The more parcels of land an individual owned, the wealthy he was considered to be. This is contrary to the present age where wealth is quantified by the amount of cash a person has. In the olden days, land for sale Kenya used to go at relatively affordable price, this made lots of people own a lot of parcels of land, some of which they did farming and livestock keeping.

There are so many places where you can get land for sale in Kenya for the purposes of investment. The good thing about land for sale Kenya is that the processes followed for acquisition is not any complicated but rather simple and straightforward. Another thing is that you can be sure to get genuine land without so much effort. This, I am bringing to picture because of the many times many people have fallen victims of circumstances where after going through the entire process of land acquisition, they eventually come to realize that the whole process was actually not genuine.

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Now, land for sale Kenya is divided in two types.

There’s the;

  • freehold type of land
  • leasehold type of land

Freehold land

A freehold land is a type of land where the buyer becomes the full owner of the land immediately after acquiring it. It is also the buyer who owns the title deed, and again, there happens to be no land rates paid on them. A larger percentage of land for sale in Kenya is normally freehold, these types of land are normally found only in the rural areas.

Another thing that you ought to know about the freehold type of land is that it can be acquired at very pocket friendly prices.

Leasehold land

This is another type of land for sale in Kenya. Now, under this type, when a      person buys a particular piece of land, he does not fully own the land. It is leased to him by the government or the municipal council for a given period of time, normally 99 years.

Now, unlike the freehold land, this type of land for sale Kenya is a little expensive since there is some amount that is normally to be paid as land rates.

Leasehold types of land are normally found in the urban centers since they are mostly used for commercial purposes. This again contributes largely to their costly price.

All the same, both of these are good for investment.

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