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Land for hospitality investment in Kisumu: Kisumu land for sale

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The investment in hospitality business has suffered greatly in the global market in the wake of international terrorism. Several hotels in Kenya and more so along the coastal region in Kenya beard the greatest loss due to its proximity to the troubled Republic of Somalia. And because of this, the coastal city of Mombasa and Malindi which have been for a long time attracted more tourists lost immensely. Ironically, their losses were serious gains for other cities in Kenya and Kisumu was one of the biggest beneficiaries. And as a matter of fact, today l

land for hospitality investment in Kisumu

Is on high demand not just because of the insecurity along the coastal region of Kenya, but because of the serious development in various sectors within the city of Kisumu and extending to the whole county.

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land for hospitality development in Kisumu
land for hospitality development in Kisumu

Kisumu and the western region of Kenya have recently been experiencing an upward trend in the hotel industry growth which experts have attributed to several factors including a growing number of high profile conferences and growth of domestic tourism. This piece of information is very vital for serious real estate investors whose focus is in the hospitality industry. If this is your appetizing area of interest, we have some good news for you. Your interest will begin on the positive note by first taking the advantage of the high supply of land for hospitality investment in Kisumu now. The market is ripe for this sector in this region and the government has done their part to make your investment worthwhile now and into the future as well.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has been on the aggressive marketing campaign that has exposed Kisumu as a serious tourist destination both international and local. This marketing strategy alongside other necessary infrastructural development like newly built roads, growing number of local and international conferences that has really boosted the conference tourism have really opened up Kisumu for the hotel industry in general.

Land for hospitality development in Kisumu

land for hospitality

The other reason why you should consider acquiring land for hospitality development in Kisumu is about the local people. It may interest you to note that the majority of Kisumu residents are heavy consumers of entertainment and are outgoing people. Most of the weekends are very busy for the hotel industry in this region as many revelers congregate in various entertainment joints within the city and after they have had fun, they will need somewhere to retire. Your investment in the hospitality hear will not go wrong.

You must take the earliest opportunity to seek for more information on any area where clarity is needed so that more time is spent on the acquisition of the land for hospitality investment in Kisumu for a great reward. Finally, as you look forward to getting such information, you may be wondering who to talk to. We have a solution for you. West Kenya Real Estate Company is a real estate management agency on the ground with the high level of honesty and integrity ready to help you make the smartest move in this worthy venture. You can speak to us today and we will help you out professionally.

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