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Kisumu Real Estate Investment Opportunities Places: Milimani Estate, Nyamasaria Estate,Tom Mboya Estate, Mamboleo Estate and Riat Estate

Kisumu has a wide variety of estates with different characteristics for the different preferences of the buyers of real estate properties. The investors in the Kisumu real estates are spoilt for choice with estates that have a country-side environment and others have an urban setting.

land for sale kisumu kanyakwarThe buyers of land for sale, personal houses, commercial complexes or rentals in Kisumu have the choice of whether they need property near the road and highways or far from the main roads.

Kisumu Real Estates that you can invest in

Riat Estate in Kisumu is a good hill-side place with many plots of land for sale and its favorable place to build personal homes as it offers exclusiveness to the buyers. Exclusive houses and land for sale Kisumu found in Riat estate are available to those who need privacy, have high income and need to settle on lake-side part of Kenya. Riat estate, with a magnificent Lake Victoria view, has very high security standards as it has gated communities in Kisumu. The estates in Kisumu with gated communities are very few and include Milimani estate, Riat estate and Tom Mboya estate, as there have been a niche in the real estate market until lately.

The Milimani estate and Tom Mboya estate in Kisumu have mansions and homes for sale with plenty parking space- for even up to two cars, with good roads making them accessible in little time, ample land sizes where the buyers can utilize all the investment opportunities they need and with good security.

Finding a home and land on sale in Kisumu is easier now that there are many real estate companies that sell these at fair prices. Let’s just say that the area next to the second largest fresh lake in the world is getting more and more famous and craved by investors and people buying homes to settle.

Hot Parcels Now Available:

3 Parcels in Alendu, each 1/8 Acre Asking Price Ksh250,000.

3 Parcels in Nambokana, Just after Jumbo factory 1/4 acre asking price Ksh250,000.

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Latest Listings

1/8 Acre land for sale Kisumu nyamasaria Asking price Ksh2M

1/4 Acre land for sale Kisumu Alendu, 100 metres off Kisumu Nairobi Highway

0.07 ha land for sale Kisumu, kanyakwar B Uzima University Area

1/4 acre land for sale Kisumu, kanyakwar B Uzima University Area

1/4 acre land for sale Kisumu, kanyakwar B Uzima University Area

0.06 ha land for sale Kisumu, kanyakwar B Uzima University Area

0.10 ha land for sale in Nyamasaria Opposite Wells Oil Petrol Station

0.05ha land for sale in Nyamasaria near Apoc Complex