Invest in the Awasi Land for Sale in Kisumu

As an investor, getting a cheap deal and having the best opportunities to make good money, are major determinants of where to buy the land you are in search of. Well, the lands for sale found in Awasi estate in Kisumu are the best in terms of prices. The plus side of this all is that the lands are now available and it takes an investor a shorter period of time to identify their preferred land for sale in Kisumu and getting it!

land for sale kisumu kanyakwarAwasi land for sale have a very good landscape that has an incredible view of Nandi hills. In the market now, the land for sale located in this region is over 600 acres and has good red volcanic soils that favor farming very well. On top of this, an investor has a good opportunity to start and succeed in any type of farming as there is easily available water and electricity. The roads leading to and out of Awasi Center towards Kisumu are very well maintained and therefore getting your agricultural produce is very easily done.

For those clients who prefer a quiet life, away from all the hustle and bustle of the town life, well you already have a place as Awasi life is very quiet, serene and secure. The Awasi trading center has a police station and a patrol during the night.

Purchasing a readily available Awasi land for sale now, for an acre the range starts from Ksh 900,000. The land for sale is usable for many purposes ranging from hotels and resorts building, residential houses, commercial buildings, industrial centers, organizations, institutions among many other investment opportunities. One more thing- the lands for sale are vacant as of the moment and there is direct transfer of ownership on purchase. You can actually build any dream here and make it happen!

Hot Parcels Now Available:

3 Parcels in Alendu, each 1/8 Acre Asking Price Ksh250,000.

3 Parcels in Nambokana, Just after Jumbo factory 1/4 acre asking price Ksh250,000.

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1/4 acre land for sale Kisumu, kanyakwar B Uzima University Area

1/4 acre land for sale Kisumu, kanyakwar B Uzima University Area

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0.10 ha land for sale in Nyamasaria Opposite Wells Oil Petrol Station

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