Why Homabay Kenya ranks among the top in investment

Homabay County is found in Southern Nyanza. It has a population of over 1 million. It is a place rich in tourism and other economic activities include Fishing and Agriculture as well. Top of Homabay’s tourism sites include Tom Mboya Museum, Simbi Nyaima, and Ruma National Park. Being a place rich in tourism, Homabay Kenya presents a higher opportunity for investment. In fact, it ranks among the top in the list of counties with high investments.

Let’s have a look at some of the areas where Homabay Kenya shines when it comes to investments.

land for sale in homabay
Homa Bay

One of them, which I can mention almost every time, is Tourism.  This is a sector that has enriched Homabay big time. The tourism sites mentioned above attract large numbers of tourists, both from within and even from outside the country yearly. This has to a greater extent contributed to the development of Homabay Kenya in terms of investment.

This county also has a number of towns in it namely Kindubay, Sori, Ndhiwa, Oyugis, Homabay, Mbita, Ringa and Olare. You will agree with me that a county with such number of towns is indeed developed, by way in which more and more businesses are carried out there. For example, its large population places a demand for more learning institutions, financial institutions and even places such as supermarkets, and even hospitals. This then leads to expansion of the infrastructure, which opens doors for many more investors.

A larger percentage of the population in Homabay Kenya lives in the rural areas. This generally means that there are several parcels of land in the rural areas. These lands are normally used for small scale farming. Well, something you’ll really love about such lands found in rural areas is that they can be bought at cheaper prices. I hope you will find it easy to accept the fact that it such kind of lands that have made Homabay Kenya develop. This is how it is.  The investors know so well where to get cheap lands. And with Homabay, they know that they can only get them in the rural places. This has resulted to investors flooding those rural areas looking for the pieces of lands to put up investments.

Another thing about the lands in Homabay Kenya is the fact that they are freehold. This simply means that such a land, when a buyer acquires, he becomes the absolute owner of both the land and the title deeds. Again, once you buy the land, you do not need to pay any more land rates. This is another benefit that the buyers of such lands enjoy, as opposed to the way it would be if the land would be leased to them by either the government or the municipal council. This is another thing that the investors have discovered with the lands in Homabay.

These are therefore some of the reasons that have made Homabay Kenya rank among the top in terms of investments.

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