High demand of more hotels in Kisumu real estates

kisumu real estatesKisumu being the third largest city in Kenya is in a very terrible position in terms of accommodating foreigners from abroad and other local business people within the region. This issue of insufficient accommodation within the county has now increased the rate of development therefore attracting more investors to Kisumu real estates. The devolved system of government in place has facilitated the rapid expansion of the city boasting a magnificent number of hotels within the city, although majority of these hotels cannot match up the invasion of business travellers into the city.

Even though Kisumu hotel, imperial hotel and sunset hotel have held and enjoyed the prestige of the hospitality industry for several years, time has ripen up for other players to join the hospitality industry in Kisumu real estates. There is a speculations that Kisumu city is becoming the next frontier for all real estate development in Kenya. Kisumu real estates investor involved in the construction and developing such properties will with no doubts receive high returns in their investment after a very short period of time.

According to a sale and marketing manager in one of the three stars hotels in the region, the hospitality industry in Kisumu city has been ignored for such a long time as other sector that drive economy of the country continue to grow steadily. The investors have not fully exploited the huge potential in the hospitality sector in Kisumu. For instance, there should be a three star if not a five star hotel opposite the Kisumu international airport or a first-class establishment on the western shores of the lake side region.

With that kind of establishment, Kisumu County would attract a good number of foreigners who will actively participate in water-based activity hence utilize the region’s largest asset. Boat ridding activities are provided by some small outfits within the region. Since Kisumu is the regional hub for the western and Nyanza region, it ought to lead the high end accommodation facilities in the entire region.

Kisumu is a de facto base for tour expedition to western region that boasts sites like Ndere island, Kisumu impala sanctuary, Kit Mikayi among others, also Kisumu is the main transit point of places like Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia , Siaya e.t.c . Many visitors from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and even Burundi uses Kisumu as their main transport hub. A recent survey shows that a huge number of non government organizations have set base in the region, Emphasizing the most important need of adequate accommodation in Kisumu real estates.

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