Five Bedroom House Plans in Kenya

Are you searching for some five bedroom house plans in Kenya to help you select a suitable plan? This article addresses the five bedroom house plans in Kenya you can consider.

A home is a place everyone wishes to be the best place to rest after a busy work schedule. It’s a place of rest and restoration. It’s a place to reconnect with loved ones and bond. Home begins with a nice house design. A house design which resonates with your taste, preference and character. It’s our desire and wishes that we provide you with a lovely house design that meets and surpass your expectation.

On this page, we have displayed a couple of five Bedroom House Plans in Kenya, which form part of what we have for our clients. We know that you can be privileged to find one or two designs which meet your need but we are also ready to do a fresh one bedroom house plan for you. house designs kenya.

Factors to consider when searching for five bedroom house plans in Kenya

Size of the family now and in future key to five bedroom house plans in Kenya search

The size of your current family or the expected family size will help you determine the house designs Kenya you will opt for. The larger the family, the higher the number of rooms and so the more varieties of house designs.

Your dream home in Kenya will be attained by that design which will host your current and expected or future family without challenge.

Funds-available and sources of more funds

Whether you just want a one bedroom house plan Kenya or a five bedrooms house plan Kenya, the key determination will be the funds for the project. You need to interrogate yourself well and be clear on the funds and sources of funds which will be helpful in your project.

Timeline for commencement and completion of the project

The timeline is relevant in a scenario where you need to have the house in place by a particular date. There are some house designs in Kenya which will require more time than others. For example, a maisonette house plan will have at least one suspended slab that requires 21 days for it fully dry up.  A bungalow house plan in Kenya will not have such a suspended slab and therefore does not require such a timeline.

Materials to use

There are some designs which will be more appropriate to use certain materials than others. A bungalow house plan will not require a lot of deformed metal bars for example. So if you want to avoid using a lot of metal bars, avoid maisonette designs.


The location of a project can influence the design of a house put there. For example, if you want to build in a controlled area with predetermined house designs, then you will be forced to do something approved for that place.

Taste and Preference

In all the considerations you put to arrive at the designed house designs in Kenya, taste and preference will also play a role. You want a design which response well to your preference and liking. Something you will love for a generation.

Scan through these 5 bedroom house plans in Kenya shown and get to us one what you would love us to do for you. With over six years of developing building plans in Kenya, we definitely possess the skills, exposure and experience required to give you an excellent house plan for your ideal home or building.

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