5 Factors to differentiate bungalow house designs and maisonette house designs Kenya

Many people wonder between two house plans; a bungalow and a maisonette, which one is cheaper. This house plan is a common question which we would like to add our voice to in order to offer help.

For starters, what is the difference between a bungalow house plan and a maisonette house plan?

A bungalow is a residential house plan occupying one floor. A maisonette is a residential house plan that occupies two floors or levels.

Example of bungalow house Designs And Maisonette.

A bungalow house plan one would say spread horizontally while a maisonette house plan spreads vertically.

The common assumption is that a maisonette house plan is more expensive than a bungalow house plan. Is this true?

The answer is YES and No. It all depends on the materials used. Generally, suppose you use the same material for a 3 bedroom bungalow house plan and a 3 bedroom maisonette house plan, the maisonette will be relatively expensive because of the additional slab.

As someone looking to build a house, there are factors you need to consider when making a choice between a bungalow house design and or a maisonette house design. As you go through the house plans in Kenya pages, have these factors in mind.

Difference between Bungalow and Maisonette House plans

1. Cost comparison

 Maisonette will require an additional slab for the upper floor. However, in the process of taking some rooms up, there are other cost savings. For example, a maisonette will require a smaller foundation area since it extends upward or vertically compared to bungalow house plans which extends horizontally hence a bigger foundation area.


Just like a foundation, a maisonette will require almost half of the size of the roof required for a bungalow. This will translate to savings on roofing materials such as timber, nails, iron sheets and labour. Most people when researching through a pool of house plans in Kenya rarely looks at the roofing materials.

Size of land

This should be the biggest decision making factor. It’s common knowledge that the prices of land in towns are very high and plots tend to be smaller in size. In many places you would find the biggest size people acquire is an eighth of an acre (50×100) but in places like cities, even that an eighth is not available. So people go for a half of an eighth (50×50). When selecting a house plan for the large pool of house plans in Kenya out there, take time to think of the size of the house suitable for your land.

To get the most out of the small size of land, maisonette house plan becomes more attractive because of the relatively small area required for the foundation. A caution for those buying land is to ensure that you use a surveyor to actually establish the actual size of the land as the one indicated in the title and the location as well.

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2. Bungalow House Designs vs Maisonette House Designs: Security

Maisonette house designs tend to be more secure than bungalows because of fewer windows and doors. Many people tend to use security doors separating the top and low levels just in case of a security breach.

3. Land use

When you have small land, the best option is to go for a maisonette house design so that you can leave some space for other usages such as parking, garden or compound. A bungalow house design will occupy a bigger space and will minimize the portions which could have been left for other needs. Much as there are so many house plans in Kenya, think of one which will best utilize your land.

4. Individual Preference

This is largely a personal choice but a maisonette house plan is considered much classier than a bungalow house plan. From the design perspective, there is much more you can do on the elevations of maisonette house designs as compared to bungalow house designs. As you review all the house plans in Kenya at your disposal, think of one which caters for your preferences. A dream home will only be achieved with a house plan which has taken care of your preferences.

5. Privacy

The maisonette is considered to offer more privacy than a bungalow would offer. The upper floor is used for private spaces and makes it possible to attain some level of privacy. To have a dream home, your privacy must be covered properly.


From a developer’s point of view, it’s difficult to pick between bungalow house designs and a maisonette house design. It all boils down to personal preferences, house design and materials used. What we can tell for a fact is that we are available to help you make decisions from the pool of house plans in Kenya out there and also make your dream come true. Don’t fear discussing with us what you have chosen from house plans in Kenya. Any bungalow house designs or maisonette house designs you are considering for your project and how we could be of great help. Talk to us to help you achieve your dream home.

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14 thoughts on “5 Factors to differentiate bungalow house designs and maisonette house designs Kenya

  1. Jaed Ochieng

    Thank you for this informative article. What is the cost of building a simple 3 bedroom house bungalow in Mbale or Mudete?

  2. Kibet

    I’m having 3M and am thinking of building a masionette house of 4 bedrooms in Kisumu. Will that be enough given I want to buy land from the same amount?

    • Benard Post author

      Yes, it can be enough depending on the size of land and location. If you can buy land for less than Ksh.500,000, you will remain with at least 2.5M to use in building otherwise if you spend much on land, you will not achieve the objective.

      You can let us know where you need land or you engage us and will help you get land and build for you with that budget.

      • Leah

        Thank you. I can also benefit from such a service though for me, I only intend to use 2.5M for both land and build and 3 Bedrooms not 4. Please advice

  3. Rodgers

    Thank you for this information. What is the cost of a 3 bedroom masionette ? I’m planning to build a masionette house in Rabuor though am still consolidating funds

  4. shikoli

    thanks for making mi understand the different between the two houses. How much does it take to build such a house like the second picture.its so beautiful i love it

  5. Gilbert

    Hi,how long will it take to do a Masonite of ten bedroom in kisumu and how much will it cost?

    • Benard Post author

      It all depends on the availability of funds and approvals from authorities but within 4-6 months is adequate.

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