5 Reasons To Invest In Kenya

Gone are the days when money was made and spent all at once without the thought of the future. Regardless of the amount made, and, depending on the financial responsibilities, ‘tomorrow will take care of itself’ was a common saying. People would get their salaries or wages and it would all be drained on food or other obligations.

That however is not the case today. People are so conscious of tomorrow that they do not want to spend it all today. And that is why many get into saving schemes.

Now, saving isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it helps a lot when you’re stranded, as you’ll quickly run to your savings and salvage the situation that was at hand. But then, there’s always a better option of keeping that money, which, with patience and hard work, will fetch you good returns after a certain period of time.

Investment in Kenya

Over the years, people have learnt and grown from the saving idea, and are now jumping into investment. Many have seen its benefit, while others tend to be a bit skeptical about it. Nevertheless, investing remains a wonderful idea and if you get into it, you’ll see its benefits later, if not now.

Now, when it comes to investing, it is evident that you will look for the business opportunities that are in high demand or will give the best profitable returns. This is because no one would want to put his money in something that will not benefit him.

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The Kenya we are in today is very different from the Kenya that used to be in terms of business opportunities and investment. It has the best investment opportunities, especially lands, that anyone may want to try trading on. Compared to the East and the Central African countries, its economy is not only the largest but also advanced with robust growth prospects.

Its market is ripe, something that any investor will not wait but quickly jump in to put his money. The only thing you need to do before you invest in Kenya is to carry out thorough research as you read through the numerous ways to invest. This will help you have knowledge and full understanding on what you are actually getting into.

With the wide range of sectors that provide ready markets, the following are some of the things that make Kenya a desirable investment destination

  1. Available space for agriculture

Agriculture, being the backbone of the country’s economy, is second to none when it comes to its contribution to the GDP. The large pieces of land available in Kenya have made it easy not only for crop production, but also horticulture, fisheries as well as livestock to be carried out in the country, thereby forming more than 65% of the country’s total export. Being the main source of livelihood for the larger percentage of the population, Agriculture has become one of the best investment opportunities in Kenya.

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The friendly weather and climate that is favorable to the agricultural sector is also another reason for high return investments in Kenya.

As an investor therefore, you can venture into this sector whether in small or large scale as it is evident that it’s a profitable sector to invest in.


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  • Political stability

Kenya has come a long way to enjoy the political stability it’s enjoying now, thanks to the agreement between the president and the opposition leaders that necessitated the conducive environment for investment in the country.

Devolution, which is a product of the new constitution has paved way for some of the best investment opportunities in Kenya. For this reason, investors can now buy lands in any of the 47 counties and invest in either agriculture or property development.

  • Real estate- a sure investment plan

Over the years, Kenya has witnessed a remarkable increase in its population. Such an increase in population automatically leads to high demand for housing especially in the larger towns such as Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa as well as other growing towns, making real estate a good investment in Kenya.

Now, while investing in real estate in Kenya an excellent investment option, you will agree with me that owning a property today isn’t a walk in the park. It needs a considerable amount of money as well as a mindset that is not only ready but also willing to invest. Nonetheless, this is not to say that you cannot put your money in real estate.

As an investor, prior planning as well as extensive research is paramount. Before you go ahead and buy land, houses or apartments, find out whether social amenities such as hospitals, schools and roads that are passable are present. Also make sure you have their title deeds, then sit back and see how lucrative this business venture is as you smile your way to the bank each and every end of month.

  • Large market access

Another reason why Kenya is a desirable investment destination is because of its large market. This is one factor that any investor would want to consider before investing in an area. Kenya has become the doorway to the massive East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) markets that have over 135 million people and 450 million people respectively, due to its membership to the regional economic blocs as well as strategic geographic position.

As an investor, after carefully going through the numerous investment opportunities such as agribusiness, real estate, tourism, manufacturing etc. that you would wish to try, you can purchase land in the big cities or growing towns and venture into any of them knowing that you have ready markets for your goods and services.

  • Investing in Tourism

Appearing as the third largest contributor to the country’s GDP and also the leading foreign exchange earner, one can never go wrong investing in this sector.

The government has continually supported this sector by providing an enabling environment, and this, coupled with the country’s political stability and successful tourism promotion has resulted to tremendous growth of the sector. As an investor, you can be sure that when you put your money in this sector, you will in no time appear in the list of millionaire investors in Kenya.

With these high return investments in Kenya options, you now can attest to the fact that this country has what you need for your business.

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