Land for Sale Siaya

Are you interested in land for sale Siaya, whether you are a locally or internationally based, we are here to help you out. We have contacts and several lands for sale Siaya which can meet your need. Whether situated in Bondo or Siaya or even in Alego, Uyoma, Nyang’oma, etc, we are on the ground to get you the land. Give us the details of the land you want and will avail several parcels for you to view and consider.

Land for sale Siaya present various opportunities for people to invest; whether on beach plots or just other plots for commercial ventures within Siaya County.

Contact us for land for sale Siaya need. We are waiting for your call. Or just fill the form below and will give you a call immediately. Provide the following details.

  • State the location you want land/property in or the location of the land you want to dispose
  • State the type of ownership whether freehold or leasehold
  • The size of the land in terms of Acres
  • Type of transfer; direct, sub-division, succession or succession and sub-division
  • The price range
  • Single ownership or joint ownership
  • Individual or corporate ownership

7 thoughts on “Land for Sale Siaya

  1. Sylvia Okanda Reply

    I have a parcel of land for sale in Gem . Kindly advise if you can assist in the marketing.

  2. Nicholas Antony Opiyo Reply

    Im kenyan luo living in Germany and planning to relocate home soon.i would love you to find me a fertile land preferably to 20acres (or more) where i can build a home and do some farming.Exact location doesnt matter but preferably in Siaya and there has to be access to water,electricity and roads.
    Hope to read from you soon.
    Thank you.

  3. Ronald Omondi Oyamo Reply

    Hi Nicholas
    I have an idea land for sale in East Asembo(Around Ramba High school) Just 1.5km from the main road.
    The land is idea for farming and a home.
    Size of the land is 1.73Acres.
    Selling price Kshs.4Million
    Ready title.
    You can reach me on +254720254729.

  4. Jacqueline Reply

    I have a piece of land I want to sell in Siaya town.
    Is it possible for you to help me sell?

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