Apartments for rent in Awasi

Are you out there trying to secure apartment for rent in Awasi? Depending on your knowledge of the town and the areas here you are conducting the search; this can turn out to be a very difficult and time consuming time. There are a lot of opportunities in Awasi properties to let market because in many cases, there will always be vacant houses to let. The challenge is how you conduct the search?

As a real estate company offering property management service in Awasi, we are placed to offer help to any person interested in apartments for rent in Awasi. We have several apartments we manage in awasi which we are in control. We also have some Rental houses in awasi where the owners have entrusted us to help them get tenants.  Whether you are interested in Rental house in awasi or Rental houses in awasi, furnished apartments for rent in awasi, Single rooms to rent in awasi or what is commonly referred to Bedsitters in awasi, we can offer you solution.

We have apartments for rent stocks in Awasi We have Vacant one bedroomed houses in awasi, Vacant two bedroomed houses in awasi as well as Vacant three bedroomed houses in awasi.

A good vacant one bedroomed house in awasi would attract rent of roughly Ksh6, 000 to Ksh12, 000 depending on the estate. A good vacant two bedroomed house in awasi will attract rent of roughly Ksh8, 000 to Ksh20, 000 depending on the estate, access and building design.

 Do you think you may need a vacant three bedroomed house in Awasi? Contact us with your need.