About West Kenya Real Estate Ltd

We are a leading Design and Build Construction Company registered and licensed in Kenya. We design and build houses, both residential and commercial including industrial houses like factories and warehouses. With over 8 years of active construction using the latest technologies in the building and construction sector, you can trust us with any construction work.

We are registered with the National Construction Authority of Kenya and therefore have the mandate to undertake design and construction work anywhere in the Republic of Kenya. We have offices in Nairobi, Kisumu and Eldoret.

Services in Brief;

  1. Design and Build

We design house plans, both residential and commercial houses. We do both architectural and structural plans. We also do bills of quantities. After the design work, we can do construction work should you give us the chance. We view it best to design and build.

  • Management

We also have a department for property management. As a property management company, we search for tenants, screen, issue tenancy agreements, supervise move-in and out, as well as supervise repair and maintenance work, among other assignments. We manage countrywide.

  • Sales

We assist in securing buyers for properties on sale. You can list your property with us and then we market it for you as well as assist in other sales-related activities.

  • Valuation

We are also a registered property valuer with two of the directors being full-time licensed and practising valuers. We do both individual and corporate valuation.

  • Construction and Construction Management

Do you have a construction plan and now looking for a contractor? You can reach out to us. We do the construction of buildings of all sizes. You can bring your ready plans and we build them for you. If you also want a construction manager to manage your construction work, we are here to deploy a construction manager to manage and report to you from the start to the end of the project.


Feel free to contact us for any need you have. For any design, construction, management, valuation, sales or construction management work, talk to us. You can call/ Whatsapp at +254789217685/+254724481087 or email info@westkenyarealestate.com 

For more details, visit https://westkenyarealestate.com

We are a Design and Build Construction Company in Kenya with over 25 years of experience in active building construction in Kenya. We mainly do house plans, project planning, building construction, renovations and extensions, institutional building, commercial office blocks and plumbing and drainage services.

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