7 Marketing Ideas which real estate agents can exploit

7-Marketing-Ideas-for-Real-Estate-Agents-in-2014-2Marketing ideas for real estate agents vary from time to time, depending on the type of client you are dealing with and the type of property that you are trying to market.

Marketing can be both a time consuming and energy draining experience, and it could even get worse when you realize that you are not employing the right marketing procedure. This means that your efforts will have been wasted.

Majority of new clients are usually those referred by your previous customers, therefore, it is important to nurture these clients even after closing a deal with them so that they can keep referring more clients to you. Like a lot of your marketing efforts, your main focus is on getting in people who want to buy or sell a home.

The seven highlighted and explained below will help you go about the real estate marketing process more smoothly;

Invite friends and email contacts to your Facebook business page

A lot of you might already have a Facebook business page but you might not be using it to its fullest potential. You could be posting 16 times a day or not at all, but without having people who have “Liked” your page, then there’s no one there listening to what you’re saying. The best way to go about doing this is of course to be posting things regularly, but use the tools that Facebook gives you as a page owner. One of the more under utilized features is the ability to invite your email contacts to join your page. These are the people who know you, have most likely done business with you before, and the people that you want to target to get future referrals. Inviting email contacts is simple too. From your Facebook Business Page in the top right, all you have to do is click Build Audience > Invite Email Contacts…









You can see that you’re also able to Invite Friends in the same drop-down. Essentially what you want to do is have enough people you’ve done business with before on your page so that when you post things out, your messages are reaching the right people, helping you stay top-of-mind, and eventually drive referral business. And as always, there are plenty of people out there to lend you a helping hand with your social media efforts.


Keep in touch with past clients through Email

Consumers know that you know interest rates, know how to list a home, and that you’re great at finding them their dream home too. When the time comes that they want to start looking, that’s when you strut your stuff.

Therefore, take the knowledge that you know, put it to good use, and craft a really good news letter. You’re great at staging homes, setting up showings, and know your city like the back of your hand. That’s all very powerful information that you can put to good use in a high quality, content marketing focused email campaign.

Give people advice on staging their homes, picking out new colors, shopping for antique furniture, upcoming events in your neighborhood, and more. Give yourself a competitive advantage too and utilize some of the 9 hacks to boost your email open rates too. This is what people care about and this is what will brand you as an incredibly smart resource.


Add Social Media Links to Your Website (And Vice Versa)

This might sound so simple, but it’s effective. The more that you can connect your digital profiles across all online application, the more clout you’ll have in terms of your authenticity in your area. Your Twitter account should link to your website. Your website should have links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts. Set up your Google Business Page using your Google+ profile to help you show up when people search locally for realtors. Essentially, if you’re online in any way, you need to make it incredibly easy for people to find you, click to view more things, and easily get in touch with you.


Share Great Content to Your Social Accounts

Make you social media accounts interesting by posting fresh and intriguing stuff in your accounts. Posting the same thing like listings gets boring with time.

Instead, take advantage of your knowledge as a small business owner and share things that are locally relevant. For instance, if you sponsor a local football club, share updates for upcoming events and then post photos from them. Get creative with it and learn that if share 80% of things that are not necessarily about yourself, you will in fact grow in popularity and usefulness.


Automate Some of Your Social accounts

You could set aside a few minutes of your time daily to find something related to your line of work like a blog post or article and schedule them to go out on various social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This is also a stress reliever to some extent.









Go Mobile

Human beings are visual in nature and it’s only natural that they love photos and videos. Posting photos help others truly comprehend what you’re trying to convey. So if you’ve set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share out high quality blog post content throughout the week, that leave you free to interject your voice whenever you get a free moment. All major social networks that you should care about have very decent mobile applications. On your phone, you should definitely have installed Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you’re using them, download and install P interest and Google+ as well. Send photos of you and your colleagues. Let people know that you have a life outside of selling houses and reach them with content that they want to read.


Ask For Referrals

For every 8 posts you send out not related to your business, feel free to send out two things about your business. Maybe it’s about your referral program, a new listing, or lower interest rates. Just as long as these messages don’t outweigh the others, you’ll be good to go. So go ahead, get those referrals, and make sure it’s not the focus of what you do on your social media accounts.

Content marketing is a tough thing to do but the days of pushing your marketing messages out to consumers are fading quickly. It’s so easy to drown out bad marketing. We send junk mail into the trash and bad emails to the SPAM folder. What does work is not being intrusive with your clients, keeping them interested in what you have to say through valuable, interesting content, and building up those personal relationships through email and social media. That’s how you’re going to get your referral business up and soaring and achieve the desired results in the long run.


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