Why you should invest in Kisumu property for sale

Why you should invest in Kisumu property for sale

Kisumu city is a port city located in Kisumu County. The port was founded in 1901 as the main inland terminal of the Uganda railway and it was named ‘Port Florence’. Although trade stagnated in the 1980s and the 1990s, it is slowly growing due to the oil that the Country exports. It is a major commercial and communication hub in the entire Western Kenya and the Great lakes region. It is the largest city in the Nyanza region and the second most important city after Kampala in the greater Lake Victoria basin. This in a way has ensured a level of attractiveness to investors of Kisumu property for sale.

Kisumu sits on the shores of Lake Victoria, making it a potential fishing center. Fishing in this region also happens to be a major economic activity raking in millions of shillings to the region out of both local sales and foreign export. This is one area where investors can tap into because the fishing industry in Kisumu is currently not achieving its maximum potential. Considering the large markets both locally and internationally, the fishing sector is one area where investors cannot go wrong or run at a loss.

The development of infrastructure is another reason why you should invest in Kisumu property for sale. Air transport is available through Kisumu International Airport with regular scheduled flights through airlines like Jambo jet, Fly 540 and Kenya Airways. A flight from Nairobi to Kisumu and vice versa only takes 45 minutes, proving quite effective when one is in a particular rush. In addition to air transport, Kisumu is linked by ferry with Homabay, Kendu Bay and Mbita. There is also a railway network from Kisumu to Nairobi which is set for renovation. All these come with heavy support from road transport.

Kisumu has major tourist attraction sites like the Lake Victoria with its breathtaking sunrise and sunset at the horizons. Other sites include the Ndere Island, Kisumu Impala Park, and The Kisumu National Museum among others. These sites help to attract tourists to the region thereby creating numerous other opportunities for investment like in the hotel and hospitality industry, the transport industry as well as many other avenues that tourism helps to open up. Some tourists may opt to stay a while longer and may therefore need long term accommodation arrangements like a rental house or even a holiday home. These are opportunities for investors to cash into quick and handsome buck that tourists come with.

Kisumu has an average weather of 23 degrees Celsius with two annual rainfalls making the region a suitable zone to practice farming activities. The lands are fertile enough to support agriculture and what’s more? Most of Kisumu property for sale is available on freehold basis meaning that on can practice whatever type of farming he/she chooses to without restriction from the government on what to do on the land. With accessibility available in form of air, road, water and soon to be renovated rail transport, transportation of goods to the destined market centers is quite easy.

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