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Why Nyamasaria has risen to a place of choice in land for sale in Kisumu

Why Nyamasaria has risen to a place of choice in land for sale in Kisumu

Nyamasaria has recently risen to a fighting ground among investors as they seek to upstage each other in the quest for this prime zone within Kisumu. The region has become the crème de la crème as far as investment is concerned in the lakeside region. With the completion of the Kisumu-Nairobi highway and the Nyamasaria-Kondele bypass, the area has greatly improved its standing as an investment hub with more commercial properties already erected in the area and businesses are flourishing in the area as well. Investors have come to prefer Nyamasaria over other places in land for sale in Kisumu. This has seen a rapid rise in the value of property in the region as more investors continue to flock the area.

Commercial activities are already abuzz in the region with business premises like Ukwala supermarket, royal city hotel, petrol station and other small enterprises doing quite well in Nyamasaria region. With plenty of plots still lying around, there is further room for more commercial complexes to be constructed in the region to facilitate more business activities which the local residents don’t seem to get enough of. Nyamasaria has risen to be a business hub even paralleling the city center and one can actually get all he needs under one roof-which is Nyamasaria.

Nyamasaria is also a good place to look for a rental house considering that it is quite accessible and that it is a short distance from the town center. The area is also well supplied with water courtesy of a recently launched water project initiated by Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO) in collaboration with Sustainable water and sanitation in Africa, a USAID project and the K-Rep bank. The Kshs. 29 million aims to connect over 1500 households with reliable, clean and affordable tap water. This will ease the burden of getting water and will eliminate challenges previously experienced by the residents in their quest to access water.

The area also has wetlands suitable for farming and other agricultural activities such as cattle keeping. The area has swamplands which makes cultivation of crops like rice quite suitable. The swamplands also ensure that there is enough pasture for the cattle to graze on. This can be a good area for large scale farming of dairy cattle for purposes of milk and cheese production. Other crops that can do well in this region include maize, millet, cassava, sorghum and even sugarcane.

With the numerous tourism activities within Kisumu and its environs, Nyamasaria included, this is in fact a suitable area for a massive investment in the hospitality sector like construction of five star hotels to accommodate the mushrooming number of tourists. Being the area that one first passes by on the way from Nairobi, hotels in this region will be the first to catch the eyes of local tourists coming from Nairobi and they are likely to seek accommodation in Nyamasaria as it is a more open area in land for sale in Kisumu.

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