Top Online Marketing Tools for Real Estate

real-estate-online-marketing-300x225One of the fastest moving, quickest changing industries around is Internet Marketing. Fortunately this has been a good thing; it has actually been a great thing as it forces companies and real estate professionals alike to continuously innovate to find the most cost effective ways to market real estate.

Knowing how difficult it can be, especially for real estate professionals who ultimately should be spending their time helping clients buy and sell real estate and not sitting in front of their computer trying to learn something like Search Engine Optimization, these online marketing tools will help you ease your work in marketing.

Here are some of the real estate online marketing tools:






Web Design and Development

It is no secret these days that you must have a website for your real estate business. A well designed, marketing oriented website with calls to action can literally help your real estate business jump from one level to another. Here are a couple of the top companies that we have come across that are helping thousands of real estate professionals realize the true potential of an effective website:

  • Real Estate Webmasters

Based in Canada, Real Estate Webmasters has consistently been one of the top real estate web design and development companies around. Their knowledge and experience with not only web development, but also online marketing, has quietly placed them as one of the top 5 real estate web development companies around. It has effective designs but one will need to dig deeper into his pockets to acquire this tool.

  • Agent Image

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Agent Image is another quiet giant in the real estate web design and development world. With 10 years behind them, their real estate web designs are second to none. Specializing in uniquely designed websites, from pre-designs to full custom designs, Agent Image is consistently one of the most creative companies around for any real estate professional.

It has the advantages of having the best designs in the industry and a user friendly back office/content management system. However it is quite expensive.

IDX Solutions

One of the most necessary elements of an effective, lead generating website is a solid, easy to use MLS search. People searching for real estate spend most of their time searching through the MLS database so why not allow them to do this on your own website? Here are a couple companies that provide some of the most user friendly MLS search IDX solutions available on the market today:


  • Diverse Solutions

Based in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, Diverse Solutions maintains its prevalence in the world of IDX solutions. With one of the most user friendly and nicely designed IDX solutions around, Diverse Solutions continues to be a great choice for an effective lead generating IDX solution for any real estate website.

It provides one of the best looking IDX solutions but it has a limited coverage of Multiple Listing Services.

  • iHomefinder

Based in Berkeley, CA, iHomefinder remains as one of the top IDX solutions around for its wide MLS coverage, simple user interface, and ease of integration onto just about any and every type of website.

It has one of the best MLS coverage; however it is not the leader in technology or innovation.


Online Marketing Agencies

We cannot reiterate this enough; you can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if people cannot find your website online, then your website is like a pretty car sitting in a closed garage. Make your website as easy to find and as authoritative as possible with a solid and aggressive online marketing campaign. Here are a couple agencies that have helped many real estate professionals get the highest possible ROI on their marketing budgets:

  • imFORZA

Based in El Segundo, CA, imFORZA is a relatively new player in the industry, but has been consistently receiving rave reviews from many readers and clients of ours. imFORZA is a full service Internet marketing agency that has partnered with Agent Image (mentioned above) to help them make their beautiful websites effective in the search engines and with lead conversion. imFORZA also works with any other company, not just tied to Agent Image, to help real estate professionals market their website online.

It has one of the most experienced teams of online marketing professionals and multiple top producer clients but is rather expensive.

  • Blackwater Consulting / Compass Internet Systems

Based in Newport Beach, CA, Blackwater Consulting / Compass Internet Systems is a smaller online marketing firm than most, but boasts some very impressive results for some of its clients. Their strength seems to lie in their in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry and how that can be applied to marketing their clients’ websites.

It has the advantage of having strong real estate knowledge but it has weaknesses in innovation and integration of online marketing with design.














Email Marketing Services

One of the best things you can do to market your real estate business in the most cost effective and targeted way possible is to utilize a well planned email marketing campaign. Having an email marketing service in place to allow you to stay in front of your contacts and leads is a great way to create new business for yourself without resorting to expensive mailers or print ads that have no tracking whatsoever. Here are a couple fantastic services that are sure to help streamline your drip marketing campaigns:

  • iContact

Based in Durham, NC, iContact is hands down one of the best email marketing services around. With extremely affordable pricing, a simple user interface and high deliverability rates, iContact continues to make a name for itself as the premier email marketing service available today.

Its pros include: affordable, tons of useful features, easy to use while its con is that none has been determined yet.

  • MailChimp

Based in Atlanta, GA, MailChimp has quickly burst onto the scene over the past 2 years as one of the top email marketing service providers around. With one of the most robust platforms available, MailChimp has proven itself as an extremely useful and effective email marketing provider.

It has great analytics for tracking emails, open API for integration into other programs and many other useful features. However, its learning curve is a little steeper than some more simple email marketing programs.





Video Providers

In case you haven’t heard or realized it yet, video is the next BIG thing, especially for real estate. Considering that YouTube is one of the top 5 most visited websites on the Internet, videos have cemented their place in the arsenal of the some of the most effective online marketers. Mainly due to the fact that they are interactive, more interesting and can be stopped and started at a user’s will, videos have become one of the best ways to market your real estate services. Here are a couple of the best companies to help you create some really effective videos for your website and marketing campaigns:

  • AgentCasts

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Agent Cast is another of those quiet companies making big waves in the industry. With some of the highest quality video production services along with some amazing content and templates for use for any real estate professional, Agent Cast is a great option for your real estate video needs.

It gives the ultimate real estate experience, facilities, production and equipment for quality videos. However the videos are not very innovative and there has never been report of proof of quality.

  • Agent seems to be a newer division for Agent Image, but from the looks of their work and numerous rave reviews from existing clients who follow our blog, just might be solution you are looking for if you need quality real estate videos at affordable prices. It has received accolades for its high quality, affordability and on location video services.




Mobile / Text Message Marketing

Mobile phones and personal computers are the future. If you have not thought about how you are going to reach the millions of people who use their mobile phones more than anything else they own, then you are already behind the game. As mobile phones become more advanced, as we have seen already with the iPhone 3G S, Google G1, and HTC Touch, mobile marketing will become that much more powerful and effective. Here are some of the top companies we have found that are already breaking barriers and setting trends in the mobile / text message marketing arena:

  • DriveBuy Technologies

Based in Austin, TX, DriveBuy Technologies is one of the leaders in mobile interactive marketing for real estate. Their services include things like interactive sms/text property listings, lead tracking and instant routing of leads.

It has top producer, outlook and twitter integration as well as affordable prices. But its disadvantage is that it focuses mainly on individual real estate agents.

  • GoomZee

Based in Missoula, MT, GoomZee offers an array of mobile marketing products and services for just about any industry, with real estate being one of their main focuses. Their RealtyConnect product is made specifically for real estate professionals and offers just about every feature you could want or expect from a mobile marketing provider.

It has a great lead integration, spam protection, virtual tour options, MMS / Push messaging but the con is that none of these have been determined.






Blogs have spread like wildfire over the past 3-4 years as more and more real estate marketing consultants and coaches are pushing their clients to get involved in the blogosphere, and for good reason. Blogs, when managed and maintained correctly, have proven to be one of the best ways to build your brand, increase your traffic and create additional opportunities for lead generation. This is the only section where we are going to recommend only 1 blogging platform due to our strong confidence in this recommendation:

  • WordPress

With so many different options for customization, optimization and tracking, WordPress is the full featured platform you will definitely find to be effective and easy to use. One thing to note, make sure you USE THE version and NOT as you want to own your content and not have a sub-domain of WordPress.

WordPress is customizable, easy to add new features and modules (called plug-ins), easy to update and manage. However some It assistance may be required when using this feature as it is a little complex.



Micro-blogging is simply another form of blogging, but only allows a certain amount of characters that keeps entries short and concise. Micro-blogging has taken the online world by storm as just about everyone and their mother has decided to test out the waters. Here are a couple micro-blogging platforms that we highly recommend you get involved in. You won’t find Twitter or Facebook as recommendations here as those have become staples for any social marketing campaign. The following two recommendations are a little less known right now, but are good to be aware if you wish to stay ahead of the curve:


  • FriendFeed

FriendFeed is currently the ugly step-brother of Twitter, but we do not think that this will last for long. This micro-blogging platform is far more robust than any other platform available and has actually been the source of inspiration for the more popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The thing that sets FriendFeed apart from every other platform currently is that it can aggregate just about every other social networking content of yours into one simple place making it a one stop shop for all of your content and conversations.

It has far more robust in features and usability than other platforms, allows for true conversations. However itcurrently lacks the following and user base that Twitter and Facebook have.

  • Ping, like FriendFeed, is one of the lesser known micro-blogging platforms, but not for good reason. This service is extremely handy with its main advantage of allowing you to update all of your social networks in one simple place. If you are one of those over ambitious social marketers with multiple accounts, then is for you. Simplify your social marketing life with this great tool.

However it has the disadvantage in that there is no content feed to share as it is for posting content and not gathering it.

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