sellimh houses in Kisumu Kenya

Selling houses in Kisumu Kenya

In Kenya like any other state, the dream of everybody is to have somewhere they call home. This dream is basic one yet out of reach for many. With the level of poverty ever increasing, very few Kenyans have the capacity of owning homes. Many would rather rent than buy their own. While the issues of funding a serious challenge, it is not the only reason. Through research, it has been establishing that there are people who are capable of owning their own homes yet they still pay hefty rents which when saved for just one year, would be enough to buy a house. And because of that, we want to tailor this article to target those individuals by sharing certain information about selling houses in Kisumu Kenya. And as we get to that, I was ones in a housing exhibition and while interacting with real estate agents, one of the asked the individual who was standing next to me this question, “are you staying in your own house or renting and if renting kindly if you don’t mind how much are you paying monthly.”

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selling houses in Kisumu Kenya
selling houses in Kisumu kenya

The friend responded very honestly that he is renting and pays Kshs 70,000 monthly. Then the lady sat him down to seek more information from him and advise him on buying a house of his own. This friend represents very many individuals out there. Mathematically, each year he pays Kshs. 840,000 for a three bedroom house. If you look at this friend, you can easily conclude that he is able to buy a house and pay in a few installment from his income without really taking a loan from the bank. Am saying this because ordinarily, in life, accommodation often takes a quota of one’s income. And in this case, his income is 70000 by 4 translating into Kshs. 280,000. If you are earning this amount of money, really you can leave on say Kshs. 100,000 and instead of paying rent on a house which is not even yours, is to save for a few months and make a deposit and move in as you pay the rest in an agreeable installment as the seller will agree with you. That is how selling houses in Kisumu has been made easier and anybody who is tired of paying rent can begin the journey of paying rates is a very friendly way.

Let me break it down further using the example of this our friend at the home exhibition. Let’s say the house he desires is listed in the market at Kshs. 5m with an initial deposit of one million. It means that with just a six months saving of Kshs. 180000 he will be able to raise the initial deposit and pay the rest in just under two years at Kshs. 180,000 monthly installments. Can you now see how information is power? In just under three years, you will have your own house and join the many comfortable people living in their own houses. This is what we call acting smart and living comfortably. So are you looking for a house to buy? If yes, then selling houses in Kisumu Kenya has just been made easier and you can talk to us at West Kenya Real Estate Company at your convenient time to get more information about how you can make inroads in Kisumu houses for sale and other available opportunities in Kisumu real estate investments.   

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  1. Hello,

    Could you help me with a quotation for a 3 bedroom house bungalow style? Testing… I have Ksh.1.5M and am wondering if it’s enough.

    1. Check your email. I have sent the quotation there.

  2. Hi. What would be the estimated cost for putting up such a 3 Bedroom house?

    1. The cost estimate depends on several things. I’m sending you a checklist for you to select and send me back to help develop an estimate for you.

  3. How fast can you sell a bungalow house in Migosi?

  4. Hi. I have a 4 bedroom house how much can it cost me to lease per month

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