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We offer the best real estate agency services you can ever ask for anywhere. As a seller, we eliminate the stress of having to ask everywhere for anyone interested in buying a land or a building or just investing in real estate property. We get the details of your property and then we handle the difficult part of locating buyers all over the world and everywhere. How do we achieve this?

At West Kenya Real Estate, we enjoy a pull of marketing resources including very experienced marketing personnel who are able to execute both offline and online marketing campaign on behalf of our customers at our own costs just to bring you customers. We generate leads from all over the world for every single property we have for sale. As a seller, you don’t need to meet everyone, both serious and those not serious. We screen all potential inquiries and discuss with them the details of the real estate properties and even open with them discussion on the pricing. In the end the person(s) we bring to you are only serious candidates ready to sell.

west kenya real estateAs a buyer, all you want is to put your money in a real and genuine investment which no one will follow you later when you begin investment. To ensure that all people partnering with us when investing get good value, we do the following;

  1. Conduct background investigation on every property we list to ensure we deal with true owner.
  2. We advice all our clients on how best to proceed with any transaction.
  3. We do not list properties with no title deed or clear evidence of ownership.
  4. We conduct research in the market and avail useful information to anyone looking to invest in real estate.
  5. We offer all our customers support services like locating surveyors where needed, getting search result from lands office and many more.

We want to make investing in real estate as secure as buying items in a supermarket where you know the vendor is the owner. Do not go to the “persons” with boards around as agents, they will only get viewing fee from you and never get you a genuine property.

Advantages of Dealing with West Kenya Real Estate

    1. You will be dealing with a legal entity, not individuals without office to trace them.
    2. We do most of the home work for you, including the research and background check on every property.
    3. We offer you free support services like fields visits, doing search at lands office, negotiating on your behalf and field research.
    4. FREE agency services. No viewing fees for buyers free listing of properties and free marketing.

Contact us today for any need.