Twin Commercial Property for Sale in Kisumu Obote Road Ksh.170M

This property comprises of two commercial blocks each 2 storey building. One has total square feet of 11,000 (this covers a small basement, ground floor and first floor) while the other has a total of 7000 square feet (ground and first floors only. The approved plan for both building is for four storey buildings, which […]

1/4 Acre Land for Sale Mamboleo Ksh.2.5M

This land is situated roughly 1km from Mamboleo market. Its a walking distance from Riwo Catholic church. Key Features: Its roughly 1km from Mamboleo market It has access to both kiwasco water and electricity connection There is no encumbrance whatsoever on the title It has several access roads, including Mamboleo Miwani road and Kondele Kibos […]

1/4 Acre land for sale Opposite Kisumu International Airport Ksh.2.2M

Are you looking for somewhere to put up a nice project near Kisumu International Airport? This land is ideal for you. Situated roughly 300metres from Kisumu International Airport roundabout, just a few metres after St. Jirus Hospital, Riat Market. The parcel is available for immediate transfer and occupation. There is both electricity and water within […]

1/8 acre land for sale Awasi

Are you looking for somewhere you can build a home or even residential property? This is one of such places. Its a prime land situated not so far from Awasi so ideal for residential for sale Awasi. Its situated roughly 200metres from the Main Awasi Chemelil road at JULIA HUEBNER MEDICAL CENTRE junction. From […]

1/8 Acre land for sale riat Kisumu

This parcel of land is a nice parcel situated in Maembe Moja opposite Kisumu Specialist Hospital. The plot is roughly 300 metres off the main Kisumu Kakamega road near a primary school. There is power and water is also available. The neighbours are nice people and there is no encumbrance on the title. The title […]

1/2 Acre in Awasi land for sale along Awasi Chemelil road

This land is cool for so many projects. It’s situated 300 metres from Awasi market along Awasi Chemelil road.Its situated150metres off the road but along a murram road. There is no challenge with access. There is electricity around so no need for darkness.The title is ready so you buy the and immediately get the land […]

Prime Plot 0.03ha land for sale Mamboleo junction

This is a hot land for sale Mamboleo property that you don’t look at twice. It can be grabbed anytime. Its location is so it’s ideal and the environment is serene. You can do commercial property there as well as residential apartments or house. The choice is yours. Key Features of this land for sale […]

1/4 acres land for sale Kisumu

Are you looking for an ideal parcel for lucrative property investment opportunities? This is one such land. This land is situated just less than 100metres of Kisumu- Nairobi road, opposite Museums of Kenya Kisumu and opposite Kisumu Juvenal Correction for sale Kisumu Key Features of Parcel: numerous access roads to the parcel No encumbrance […]

House for sale Migosi

This is an opportunity to close a deal on a property that can start generating money faster than you can imagine. This is a family house with four units. 2 units are two bedrooms and two are one bedroom units. The neighbours are high end rental properties that naturally attract people to the place. This […]

0.03ha Plots for Sale Awasi

This is a nice piece of land for development project. Its more suitable for residential projects. Its situated on your way to Chemelil from Awasi, roughly 500Metres from Awasi. From Awasi, you drive roughly 400M along Awasi Chemelil road to a junction on your left with a clinic called “Julia Hubner” and move off 100Metres […]