Start 2020 with land investment. Only for a limited period of time and number. We are offering 12 plots on Buoye for people looking for space to put up a house or home or for just capital appreciation. The good news is you don’t have to have the entire amount to buy these plots.

For a small deposit of Ksh.50, 000, you will have secured yourself one of the twelve plots up for grab. The terms are as outlined;


  1. Size is 0.0264ha(24mx11m)
  2. Cash price Ksh.150,000
  3. Instalment price Ksh180,000
  4. Instalment deposit Ksh50,000
  5. Maximum allowed instalment period 12 Months
  6. The plots can be booked by paying a non-refundable amount of Ksh.5, 000 with deposit paid within 60 days.
  7. No grace period for instalment payment.
  8. In case of instalment payment default for 60 days, the contract is cancelled and only 70% of the paid amount is refunded.
  9. Booking is done against a specified plot number (1-12).
  10. Once a plot number is booked, you cannot change unless the desired number is not booked.


The plots are situated roughly 9Km from Kisumu CBD and 1km off the main road at Buoye stage. From Kisumu, your branch on your left just after the Buoye shell petrol station at the junction heading to Catholic centre.

12 plots for sale kisumu


The following public schools are found within a radius of 4km:

Alendu primary school

Rabuor Primary school

Ofunyu Primary school

Oyola Primary school

There are also several private school within a radius of 1km from the plots.

The following hospitals are found within a radius of 4km

Rabuor Health Centre

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12 plots for sale kisumu

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