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More businessmen now turning their eyes towards Mamboleo in Kisumu real estates

More businessmen now turning their eyes towards Mamboleo in Kisumu real estates

Mamboleo estate is strategically situated along the busy Kisumu-Kakamega highway and is just about 5 minutes-drive from the city center, minus traffic jams. This makes it a very strategic place for residential purposes as well as for commercial activities or any other investment venture. Mamboleo hills is separated from Riat hills by the Kisumu-Kakamega highway and has grown to be a beehive of real estate activities as very beautiful modern homes, hotels, institutions can be visibly seen standing across the hitherto silent hillside. Kisumu businessmen and professionals have found Mamboleo hills as a perfect destination of choice in Kisumu real estates as other previously viable areas like Milimani and Tom Mboya are slowly turning into a hub of guest houses, NGO offices and hotels.

With a lot of businesses doing quite well in the previously virgin hillside, more investors and businessmen seem to have discovered a hidden gem that underlies within the Mamboleo hills. Continuous construction has been steadily going on almost on every part of Mamboleo since its discovery as a perfect residential district a few years ago.

Construction in this area is made efficient by the fact that the area has established concrete and transport companies (Kisumu Concrete Products and Undugu transporters respectively). This makes it easy to acquire both building materials and transport facilities all under one roof. It also proves to be cheaper as the distance covered while transporting these materials to the construction site is quite minimal.

Businesses premises in this area within Kisumu real estates range from a wide variety of ventures including entertainment joints like Club da place, concrete materials, supermarkets, groceries, and even service provision like provision of tents and such like facilities. This means that residents of this area can get all their needs within the estate without necessarily going to other areas to look for goods and services. This proves to be quite convenient because there is no wastage of resources like time and money while going to look for these goods and services from other areas.

For those looking for residential houses in Kisumu, Mamboleo is one of the best places to do your search because it offers modern housing at very affordable prices. This one of the few areas within Kisumu real estates where rent still go at very cheap prices unlike other areas where rent rates have soared to very high levels.