Prime Plot 0.03ha land for sale Mamboleo junction

This is a hot land for sale Mamboleo property that you don’t look at twice. It can be grabbed anytime. Its location is so it’s ideal and the environment is serene. You can do commercial property there as well as residential apartments or house. The choice is yours.

Key Features of this land for sale Mamboleo Plot:

  • It’s situated 50 Metres from the flyover at Mamboleo junction along Mamboleo Miwani road.
  • From the main road (Mamboleo Miwani road) there is no other plot.
  • There is direct route to the plot, roughly 15Metres off the main road
  • There are some temporary structures in front of the plot which are erected on the road reserves, and are due for removal.
  • The Plot has its own title, no subdivision or succession.
  • There is no any encumbrance on the title.
  • The plot borders Robert Inn Guest House.
  • There is both electricity and water.

What else do you want to know about this land for sale Mamboleo? I have shared lots of pictures of the plot for you to clearly have a view of the plot. Contact me today.

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