Land for sale in Siaya-the rising star in Nyanza

Land for sale in Siaya-the rising star in Nyanza

Located in central Nyanza, Siaya County is first rising as a huge economic hub in Kenya with investment opportunities abuzz in almost every sector of the economy like the real estate, farming, and fishing industries. As an emerging economic hub, Siaya County offers various opportunities which have are yet to be fully exploited and thus present a perfect opportunity for investment in various sectors. Furthermore, the land and properties for sale in Siaya are still fairly cheap in comparison to other nearby regions like the more urbane Kisumu. This makes land for sale in Siaya a good environment for any form of economic adventure.

The presence of Bondo University and other institutions of higher learning have brought the small town to its feet with a number of businesses starting to come up. For instance the students in these institutions need accommodation facilities. The available facilities are not enough as more people seek education. Other institutions are also merely branches of other Colleges and therefore do not come with boarding facilities but just learning facilities or classes. Coming up with hostel facilities would be a hot cake in Siaya region and a number of students would be jostling for the available spaces.

Starting up an entertainment joint like a restaurant or even a night club would be another welcome idea. Students like to have fun and party hard after a week of rigorous learning; and places where they can engage in such activities are rather limited in this area. This therefore, is a venture that is guaranteed to pick up and bring in profits immediately it is started.

Wherever there are learning institutions calls for the availability of cyber cafés because students will always need to access the internet and other related services like photocopying, scanning, printing or even typing.

Land for sale in Siaya is very favorable for farming meaning that agriculture is another undertaking that does well in this region. This is even propelled further by the fact that infrastructural development in Siaya is up to date. The roads are in a very good condition meaning that transportation of goods, or even services would not be a problem. This is essential in that some farm products may be highly perishable and would need to reach the market as soon as possible.  Communication is also vital in that people need to communicate with one another in any form of business. For instance a buyer needs to make orders for supply of goods and this requires good communication channels.

The tourism sector is also abuzz in this central part of Nyanza where more and more tourists continue to register annually. Usually, where tourism is doing well, investment opportunities never come short and this is another key reason why you should put your money in what Siaya has to offer.

Siaya as a region and an investment hub cannot be mentioned without highlighting the fishing industry. Lake Victoria passes through Siaya County making fishing one of the economic activities within Siaya region. Accessibility is an advantage in this sector as it is easy to access the market easily. Fish is a highly perishable product and needs to reach the market quickly before it goes bad. Invest in land for sale in Siaya to take advantage of these opportunities

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