Kenya-Re Real Estate Market

How well do you know about Kenya-Re Real estate? Kenya-re estate Kisumu is one of the nice estates and perhaps one of the safest estates in Kisumu County. Situated a few a kilometer from Kisumu city, Kenya-re is a home for all people, especially non-local who are so keen on who their neighbor are and is a gated community.

Kenya-Re estate came out of the old estate for workers of Kenya-re Insurance in the early days. Later the structure changed when the corporation disposed the estate to the willing buyers of units. As a result, the family units in Kenya-re belong to individuals and not the Kenya-re Corporation.

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logoKenya-re real estate market is characterized with very little or no land for new development. The lands you could get is may be someone who bought land in the early days and never developed it. The reality is that such places are not easy to come by in Kenya-re real estate. That said, there are several Kisumu houses for rent in Kenya-re real estate for anybody seeking to move in Kenya-re real estate. Kenya-re real estate just like other estates in Kisumu have homes for sale in Kisumu Kenya opportunities which anyone can invest it.

Critically speaking, if someone want to invest in Kenya-re real estate whether in the form of properties for sale in Kisumu Kenya units or in what we call apartments in Kisumu, then they will look out for two options. Look for apartments in Kisumu located in Kenya-re available for sale and buy. Once they buy apartments in Kisumu Kenya-re estate, they can remodel them. Alternatively, search for any space available for sale and invest in such space.


Remember two things, whether you are looking to invests in homes for sale in Kisumu Kenya located in Kenya-re or you want to invest in houses to rent in Kisumu Kenya-re estate, you need a reliable partner to help you and ensure you get value for your money. That is the role of West Kenya Real Estate. We locate real estate properties, conduct search to ensure genuine ownership, negotiate price and avail them in the market for sale. Secondly, there are several conmen out there with no office or legal identify to guarantee you security. West Kenya Real Estate will ensure you get value for your money.

Check Out Some of the Properties on Sale Currently;

1/4Acre Parcel of land next to Tido School off Kibos Road

1/2Acre Parcel in Wathorego, Mamboleo

10Acre Parcel of Land in Chemelil

KnK Coffee Shop Kisumu on Sale

¼ Acre piece of land opposite Kisumu International Airport next to Jans Academy

29x8Metres Parcel of Land in Lolwe

Apartment in Migosi for Sale